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Thread: The Windows Firewall service terminated with service-specific error 13 (0xD). (cannot start firewall)

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    Amster Guest

    The Windows Firewall service terminated with service-specific error 13 (0xD). (cannot start firewall)

    What does this mean guys :(

    I can't start the windows firewall service, and this is what I see in event

    "The Windows Firewall service terminated with service-specific error 13

    WF.MSC returns: "The Windows Firewall with Advanced Security snap-in failed
    to load. Restart the Windows Firewall service on the computer that you are
    managing. Error code: 0x6D9.

    This bloody god damn error codes are so useless! I mean why give me an error
    code, why not just translate the meaning !

    I believe all other relevant services are up and running - someone, please,

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    Engel Guest

    RE: The Windows Firewall service terminated with service-specific erro

    Other folks may have additional ideas for you; hope this helps a bit, take
    a look at this

    Security Center

    Look for Dependencies: What service Security Center needs to function

    Black Viper's Windows Vista SP1 Service Configurations

    see if that helps:

    Other than that, I'm about out of ideas, so good luck with it.

    Let us know maybe someone else can conjure up something else to try.

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    Here is a possible solution. I got the same error. To fix it, I had to delete the existing firewall rules in the registry. It worked in my case, but since it involves registry changes, you have to be careful. It may not work in your case. Also some rules which were manually added will need to be re-created.

    Here are the steps:-

    1. This solution is for Windows Firewall error in Vista home edition, as appearing in Event Log: "The Windows Firewall service terminated with service-specific error 13 (0xD)."

    2. Check in Security Event Log (Event Viewer->Windows Logs->Security). Is there is any error with Event Id 5027 or 5028? The error message is: "The Windows Firewall Service was unable to retrieve the security policy from the local storage. The service will continue enforcing the current policy. Error Code: 2147942413"

    If there is no such error in Security log, do not proceed further on this solution.

    3. Open Registry Editor (Start->Run->regedit). Navigate to HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Sevices\SharedAccess\Parameters\FirewallPolicy\FirewallRules.

    You will see a bunch of values in the right pane there. Windows Firewall is not able to load these rules, possibly because of some corruption.

    4. Take a backup of these registry entries. Right Click on FirewallRules node in the left pane. Click on export. Save the file. Backup may be required to restore values, in case something goes wrong later.

    5. Delete the rules in the left pane: Select 2nd row from top. Press Ctrl Shift End. Press Delete.

    6. Start Services MMC (Start->Run->Services.msc). Select "Windows Firewall" ->Right Click->Start. Firewall service should start now.

    7. To restore the default set of rules, click on Start->Type Windows Firewall in the search box. Click on "Windows Firewall"

    8. Click on "Allow a program through Windows Firewall". Click on Advanced Tab->Restore Defaults.

    Some programs will need to be manually allowed in the Firewall settings.

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    Re: The Windows Firewall service terminated with service-specific error 13 (0xD). (cannot start firewall)

    This comes up as one of the top google hits for this error, so I figured I'd follow up with what fixed the error for me.

    Making sure permissions were set correctly for the NT Service\MpsSvc account on the three Registry keys outlined here for the firewall:

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