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Thread: Does not recognize SD card > 1 gig in size.

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    DanteMatrix Guest

    Does not recognize SD card > 1 gig in size.

    I've just figured out that Windows Vista Home & Ultimate editions,
    before and after SP1, does NOT recognize any SD cards in a card reader
    if it's greater than 1 gig in size. Vista will insist you format it
    first prior to use. The formating consists of dumbing down the card
    to 1 gig in size. This occured on 3 PC's. 1 Desktop and 1 Laptop
    with built-in card readers, and 1 USB 2 card reader.

    A Google search on the terms "vista sd problem" yields thousands of

    The funny thing is: Vista will recognize a 2 gig SD card (that it
    refuses to read from a card reader) if you have it plugged into your
    PDA and link through Mobile Sync.

    Hot fixes either state that with SP1, it's not applicable. Or that
    you don't have enough space. My systems have 1 Terrabyte free on SATA
    drives and 300 gig free on PATA drives with 2 to 4 gigs of RAM.

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    Toughskinn Guest

    RE: Does not recognize SD card > 1 gig in size.

    I am using Vista Home Premuim and Business with a internal 15-1 card reader
    and 4GB SD card....and it works fine.

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    ray Guest

    Re: Does not recognize SD card > 1 gig in size.

    I was under the impression that SD was limited to 2gb - are you sure it's
    not SDHC?

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    Toughskinn Guest

    Re: Does not recognize SD card > 1 gig in size.

    No sir, not reader does not support it. I am using a standard,
    Connect 3D 4GB Secure Digital (SD) card. Vista recognizes all 4GB's.

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