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Thread: Disk is Write Protected

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    The Old Bloke Guest

    Disk is Write Protected

    Running Vista64 Home Premium SP1

    About every 4 or 5 times I boot the system, my data HDD D:\ presents as
    "write protected". A reboot corrects this. I have run diagnostics on the
    HDD and all appears OK.

    Any ideas how to solve this problem?

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    JerryM Guest
    Your D: drive is where the factory installed your installation system, like
    having a DVD installation disk, built in.
    You should not install any programs there.
    If you need another partition, shrink C: drive and create a new partition in
    the Unallocated space.

    No, D:\ is a separate physical hard disk that I added. I assembled the
    whole PC myself. It is nothing to do with a "restore" partition.

    Thanks for trying to help.

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    JerryM Guest
    You might go to cmd.exe,
    Right click and select Run as Administrator,
    Then type ATTRIB -s -h -r D:*.*/so
    to remove the attributes.

    I have admin rights and I did select "run as administrator", but I was told
    "access denied". It's a strange problem, usually cured by a reboot.

    If you want to monkey with that, boot from the Repair Disk. This is a
    stand-alone system that can modify things without your normal system getting
    in the way.

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    Skalman Guest
    Just wanted to say i have the exact same problem as The old bloke. Seemingly
    randomly my data disk get write protected after boot, never had system on it
    but i reinstalled Vista-64 SP1 a while ago on computer.

    Have: Gigabyte GA-EP35-DS3R, 2x150Gb Raptor in raid0 as system disk,
    1xCaviar 320Gb as Datadisk, Vista-64 SP1

    I believe this message is appearing if one has an encrypted disk - like
    truecrypt. Very frustrating. XP did not have this problem. Looks like
    another VISTA bug.

    Most of the so-called bugs these days are of the PEBKAC variety.

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    Re: Disk is Write Protected

    after 2h research no solution came up that worked for me on a similar problem:
    a usb external hard disk drive suddenly got write-protected in vista.

    fs was exFAT

    no solution worked: neither modding the regex nor uninstalling usb drivers and re-plugging after reboot (as ms kb suggested) nor fiddling with command line diskpart tool.

    maybe a hint for all, who stumble upon this via search engine:
    i connected the drive to a windows 7 (64-bit) laptop and a popup asked me if i wanted to check filesystem in order to avoid problems. i did successfully and windows 7 accepted the drive without any further problems.
    then i re-connected to windows vista and voila - it worked again.

    so maybe - whatever the root cause was - the disk became marked dirty.
    after this i would add "checking for inconsistencies of the filesystem" to the list of what-you-should-try.

    i am sorry that i know cannot test again if that really solved it and if that would work anyway - depending on the level where the lock is applied.


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