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Thread: need to recover boot options HP laptop recovery

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    David Deley Guest

    need to recover boot options HP laptop recovery

    I need to boot into drive D, the HP recovery partition, so I can restore
    the HP laptop to it's original state, since it's all hopelessly messed
    up, but I installed EasyBCD and told it to "Reinstall the Vista
    bootloader". And now when I boot I no longer get the option to boot into
    drive D.

    How can I fix the Master Boot Record so I get the option to boot into
    drive D?

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    Carey Frisch [MVP] Guest

    Re: need to recover boot options HP laptop recovery

    Performing an HP System Recovery in Windows Vista

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    David Deley Guest
    Yea I've tried that:

    -Start from Windows Vista, it says it will, then reboots back into Vista.
    -Boot F11 no longer gives me the option to boot into Recovery Partition
    drive D. (This is what I'm trying to add back.)
    -Boot from Recovery Discs I made when it was new, it says, "This PC is
    not supported by the System Recovery Discs. You will not be able to
    continue to recover this system with these discs."

    HP help is so awesome! Went into disk manager, right-clicked on
    partition D and selected "set as active", reboot, and it booted into D.
    Got my system restore going now...

    (Vista still sucks though. Never had disk corruption problems on Windows
    XP. Can't really reformat the hard drive every time a little disk
    corruption happens because ChkDsk won't run on reboot for some unknown
    who knows why. Registry and everything said chkdsk was set to run on
    reboot, but it just doesn't.)

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    Carey Frisch [MVP] Guest

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    SthrnDixieCwgrl Guest

    Re: need to recover boot options HP laptop recovery (Got it!)

    I don't know where you got those instructions. I have a HP Notebook
    and I have never seen the instruction for how you did it. I have
    either used the Recovery Discs that I got from HP and opened the DVD
    drive, shut Windows down completely, put the DVD in and closing the
    drive, powered the notebook back on, and then hit F11, and followed
    the instructions on the screen. The other way I have done a recovery
    to put the notebook back to the way when I first got it was open up HP
    Total Care Advisor, click on the PC Help tab, click on Recovery
    Manager, then followed the instructions on the screen.

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    Mar 2009
    I hate to bring an 11 month old post back from the grave, but I thought I'd throw in my 2 cents worth. Today I had a customer that wanted to "upgrade" from Vista to XP. They had a retail copy of XP, so I said, "No Problem." Well, I couldn't find any drivers for the laptop, but I failed to look until after I installed XP, of course..., right? So... the built in System Recovery from Windows and the F11 Recovery were both disabled, but the partition was still there. I followed these instructions and BOOM! I'm back in business. I have a happy customer, and I get to get some sleep tonight. Thanks!

    Laptop model was HP dv9817cl

    This is how to restore your recovery partition. Thanks!

    Well, I had no idea for sure... Sounds kind of devious.

    I just scoured Google for hours over the span of a couple of days and decided since it was that hard for me to find, that I'd post the solution that worked for me on as many forums as I could. Namely, the ones that came up higher on the list of results on Google under "Repair HP Recovery Partition", "Access HP Recovery Partition", etc....

    I could care less for newsgroups. It's almost like having "another" inbox to check....

    Wow. You guys are like viscous beast monkeys locked in a cage with only one banana. It's like you're waiting for somebody to post something you disagree with just so you can pounce on them. I find that sad. I'm sorry for the mental trauma you guys apparently live with.

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    LVTravel Guest

    Re: need to recover boot options HP laptop recovery

    And since I am not going to ever go to techarena to seek help you have
    provided absolutely nothing to assist me or any other person as the "I
    followed these instructions and BOOM! I'm back in business" don't exist.
    Typed from a properly working HP laptop. It's working because I didn't and
    won't follow the techarena and most other forum help areas.

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    Nov 2008

    Re: need to recover boot options HP laptop recovery

    AND????? You followed what instructions?

    This F11 is crap. HP needs to send out disks with its computers instead of charging for them!

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