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Thread: windows explorer standard toolbar missing the UP button

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    tritonsenior Guest

    windows explorer standard toolbar missing the UP button

    A simple thing that's very aggrivating with vista Windows explorer is the new
    toolbar (or lack of a toolbar) The XP toolbar had an UP button as well as
    BACK and FWD but vista has no UP button to jump up the folder tree. When you
    have multiple (15 or 20) network drives on the tree, it is really cumbersome
    to scroll the tree to point and click, when the UP button could take you up
    the tree in one click. We need the navigation key back.

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    Dave Guest

    Re: windows explorer standard toolbar missing the UP button

    to go "up", click on the parent folder in the breadcrumb trail

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    Retne Guest

    Re: windows explorer standard toolbar missing the UP button

    There are a few issues with that though. First, depending on folder name
    lengths, and window size, you may not be able to see the name.
    Also, it means your clicking isn't in a consistant place.
    Thirdly, there's a whole extra level of processing your brain has to do with
    And finally, there's the chance the folder was deleted, so the back button
    list is broken, and you get an error message.

    Don't get me wrong - I think breadcrumbs are great for some things, but the
    'Up' button has its place too. I can't understand why MS's UI team would
    insist not only hiding it, but banishing it from the OS. If they wanted an
    icon change or name change I've no problem with that if the 'up' concept was
    harder for non-expert users to understand.

    As a UI programmer myself, I'd say not having it, or the option to add it
    was a mistake.

    For anyone having got here wanting the 'Up' functionality, try <alt>+<up


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    Go to MavisApps and download the Mavis Up Button for Vista. ($4.95 with a 5 day trial.)

    This works and it works exactly like you would want it to. It was only $5 so I bought it. I'm very pleased with it. It's pathetic to have to buy back a feature in Windows though!

    Screw a "breadcrumb" trail. Whoever named it that needs their "breadcrumbs" shoved....nevermind. It's about as useful as milk bucket under a bull to me when I want an up button!
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