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Thread: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

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    David Guest

    problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    In preparation for SP1, I tried to update the realtek driver (high
    definition) for my Toshiba. While I CAN install the 1.89 driver from
    realtek, I lose functionality, like headphone output and am missing the
    Realtek HD Audio Manager in control panel. I remember somewhat this
    same issue last year when tracking down a distortion problem--the
    drivers from Realtek don't provide the proper support for this laptop.
    Anyone run across this and know of a solution?

    The Toshiba site still has the much earlier driver package from last
    year, and that's what I reinstalled in order to get back full
    functionality. The MS site shows that the version I have is not
    compatible with SP1, so at some point I will need to load a compatible
    sound driver.


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    Brink Guest

    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    Hi Dave,

    For the Realtek audio drivers, you will need to install them twice for
    the 1.89 driver version. Once to uninstall the previous driver version,
    then a second time to install the new driver version. A restart will be
    required after each install. Before you install the driver again, verify
    the driver version in Device Manager after the restart to see if it is
    the current driver installed. If it is you will not need to install the
    driver a second time.

    When the driver installation is complete, you will need to set your
    audio settings again in the Realtek HD Audio Manager in the Control
    Panel (Classic View).


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    David Guest

    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    I installed them 2 times (with a reboot in between) and no joy. Decided
    to try another reboot and another install, and like they say, "third
    time is the charm". The HD item returned to control panel, and along
    with it, the headphone jack outputs audio now. thanks for the tip! Now
    SP1 shows up in Windows Update.

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    Nil Guest

    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    What's not compatible about the old driver? The one I have from Toshiba
    is labeled ver., dated 4/25/07. I installed SP1 and it
    didn't complain, and the laptop's audio system seems to be working just
    as it always has.

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    Brink Guest

    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    Dave, I'm glad to hear that you got it installed now. Thank you for the


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    David Guest

    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    Shawn, thank YOU for once again helping me out! Your informative posts
    on this forum have been a godsend!


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    David Guest

    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    I wish I could shed some light on it, but I methodically worked on the 3
    driver issues separately, and found that SP1 didn't show up until all 3
    were updated (UPEK, Intel video, and Realtek audio). At least version
    of realtek doesn't create the awful distortion my laptop was plagued
    with last summer. It wasn't until about 3 versions later, from
    Realtek, that the distortion cleared up. When I bought my Toshiba in
    the late spring, sound was ok. Along the way an update goofed it up big
    time and there was no solution for me until Realtek went through several


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    Nil Guest

    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    I wonder why Toshiba hasn't updated their drivers in so long?

    I always thought the sound on this laptop was thin and anemic, though
    not necessarily distorted. I blamed it on the tiny speakers. I don't
    look to a laptop for good sound, anyway. But I updated the audio
    drivers from the realtek site as described in this thread, and it
    sounds better to me, now, so maybe the old drivers were hampering it.

    I downloaded the big standalone SP1 file, not from Windows Update, so
    maybe that's while there was no complaint. The service pack installed
    over and kept the old drivers and they were still working afterward.

    Maybe I'll update the other drivers from the peripheral manufacturer's
    sites, and not depend on Toshiba for drivers any more.

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    Re: problem getting correct realtek driver for toshiba laptop

    I have a Toshiba 6960 Laptop, Realtek High Definition audio device, Vista Home Premium.
    The audio went out for unknown reasons. Vista Home Premium was trying to reinstall the audio driver after reboot. This laptop has Realtek HD audio hardware and drivers.

    First of all, I went to the site to download the HD audio drivers. These are more recent than Toshiba had on their site, and the Windows 7 was bundled with the Vista drivers... they appear to be 32/64bit versions in the same file.
    go here:
    1. click the "High Definition Audio Codecs (Software)" link (center of page).
    2. check the "I accept to the above" check-box.
    3. find the audio driver that you need - I used the option entitled "Vista, Windows7 Driver(32/64 bits) Driver only (Executable file)".
    I chose the Executable file because I didn't want to bother un-zipping, and finding an installer in a mess of files. - it is a cleaner/easier option.
    4. click the "GO" under the download area on the right side.
    I have found that all of the options will be pretty slow, so if it is being slow, just wait for it to download (2-5 mins maybe).
    5. now, follow my directions below.

    With the correct drivers at hand, this is what I did to fix my audio to make it work again:

    1. click the "Start" button, and then right-click on the "Computer" menu item (on the right side of the start menu).
    2. go to "Properties"
    3. click "Device Manager" on the left of the properties window (under Tasks).
    4. go to the audio device located within the "Sound, video and game controllers" option - mine is called "Realtek High Definition Audio"
    5. you can right-click the audio device - "Realtek High Definition Audio" and then click "Uninstall" - this will remove it from the system in order to install the new drivers.

    *** DO NOT RESTART the machine *** this will allow Vista to install some generic driver automatically - I too was having trouble disabling that from happening.
    That's when I decided to NOT to reboot in between, and just try to squeeze new drivers in with out the reboot.

    6. when the drivers have been uninstalled you shouldn't have the device in the "device manager" anymore.
    7. now, reinstall the driver by using the file you downloaded from Realtek.
    8. this should prompt for a RESTART when it has completed.
    9. reboot the computer, and the audio should now work.... mine worked at startup - vista made the login chime. I tried all sorts of differnet options in this forum and on the web, so I wanted to post my own solution.

    I hope this helps others with Vista/Toshiba audio problems.

    At the time if writing this, I have rebooted a few times, and tried the audio out along the way. I will repost if my audio cuts out again, or if anything else weird happens with this Toshiba laptop.
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