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Thread: Access denied on external hard drive

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    Access denied on external hard drive

    I had a Windows XP desktop earlier whose motherboard died last week. As this was too old PC, i bought a new Brand new HP Media Center PC system with Windows Vista Home Premium. As this is a common PC for all family members, i have created separate account for every one including 2 Administrators for me and my wife, and 4 standard user accounts for rest of the members.

    Now as my older PC's hard drive contains huge number important data, i bought an enclosure and made it as External Hard Drive. Note the Hard Drive still has Windows on it with all latest Patches. When i connect the same with my Vista system as an external USB drive it recognizes the same and I can view and open directories and files on this hard drive via Documents and Settings but wont allow access to my old folders and files. Whenever i try opening any of those files it gives me an error message saying something like "I don't have authorization."

    It is very important for me to backup those data and files. Can anyone please tell me do i need to do to get access to those files and folders? Thanks for all your helps.


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    Re: Access denied on external hard drive

    Whenever you connect any hard drive having Windows installed on it, in order to access its files you first need to take ownership of those files on the new PC. To do the same, Right-click the folder, select Properties > tab "Security" > Advanced > tab "Owner" > Edit > select the checkbox with the subcontainers and select your username > OK. Now go back to the Properties > "Security" tab and give yourself full permission, if necessary.

    Thats it. Now try to access your files.

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