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Thread: Must Reset Network Adapter Upon Waking From Sleep Mode

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    orionrph Guest

    Must Reset Network Adapter Upon Waking From Sleep Mode

    I've read numerous threads that detail problems with Vista requiring
    resetting ones network adapter both after booting or upon waking from sleep
    mode. My problem is one of those. I have internet connection if I reboot,
    but if I wake from sleep, I do not. So far, I have not seen a solution to
    this problem and am creating this thread in the hope I have simply been
    unable to find it.

    I believe this is a Vista problem because there are four other computers
    that connect to the same router and none of them have the problem I do. They
    are connected to the router as listed below:

    #1: XP Wired
    #2: XP Wireless
    #3: XP Wired
    #4: Vista Wireless (Laptop)
    Mine: Vista Wired

    I receive the following when using the Diagnose and Repair Tool:
    "Unable to connect to primary DNS server ("

    I acheive an internet connection 100% of the time simply by resetting the
    network adapter which is the only choice presented me by this tool. I also
    have never experienced a loss of internet while using my computer after doing

    It gets tiring resetting the adapter everytime I logon since I always use
    sleep mode. The mention of not connecting to the primary DNS server should
    give me a clue, but I'm a novice to networks and after many hours of reading
    posts and manuals and even purchasing a Vista book at a bookstore, I'm too
    frustrated to keep searching.

    I'm posting in the hope that one of you heady technophiles will be able to
    solve this problem or at least head me in the right direction. Thanks for

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    Mark L. Ferguson Guest

    Re: Must Reset Network Adapter Upon Waking From Sleep Mode

    I agree, it seems to be a Vista bug. I found changing the connect speed
    (e.g. 100 mpbs to 10 mbps, or whatever) 'resets' it also. I also determined
    the systems that had been running Vista for a while seemed to 'learn' how to
    handle it without that. Have no idea why that is true.
    I didn't try resetting the adapter, but I imagine it will do it that way
    temporarily. My way seems to 'work thru' that. Your way, Vista may never get
    a chance to 'learn better'.
    Hope I'm not wasting your time, but this works for me.

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    stumped Guest

    RE: Must Reset Network Adapter Upon Waking From Sleep Mode

    I have the same problem waking from the sleep mode. I go to the task
    manager, end the program, and when I reconnect it comes right up. I'd rather
    not have to do that every time I use the computer.

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    here is what i found on this subject

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    Ellie Guest

    Re: Must Reset Network Adapter Upon Waking From Sleep Mode

    Hi, I saw someone suggest this on another board, and it worked for me!


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