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Thread: Screen saver in vista 32 bit home basic on a dell inspiron 1501

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    no_red_line Guest

    Screen saver in vista 32 bit home basic on a dell inspiron 1501

    My screen saver his unable to start anytime. When I try a preview it start
    for a second and then nothing. I Have no wirelless mouse or keyboard. My
    screen saver had work before no problem. I tried reinstalling vista without
    formatting, I reinstall my mouse pad driver, no virus found, no spyware etc..
    Whit this problem I also having trouble with my browser, usualy when I open
    firefox in google I can directly type in the search box without having to
    click anywhere, but now it's not the case anymore. Please help

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    Rick Rogers Guest
    Something is stealing focus, and it may be the cause of both problems. Do
    you run any background apps, like distributed computing, P2P, or IM

    Why? Why don't you use the Outlook Connector for your Hotmail accounts?

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    no_red_line Guest

    Re: Screen saver in vista 32 bit home basic on a dell inspiron 150

    I use Outlook entreprise 2007 and widows live mail for hotmail, What is your

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    Rick Rogers Guest
    I don't know that either of those would cause this problem. What else has
    been installed?

    Is it one particular screen saver, or does it do this for all of them?

    It Does it with every screen saver that vista prvide

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    Jun 2010
    I am having the same problem although it is not on my dell laptop. The screensaver stopped working within the last week. At the same time, my mouse also went so I started using the USB mouse that I have for my laptop. However, the screensaver stopped working PRIOR to my installing this new mouse.

    I have the exact same issue on the exact same machine, Dell Inspiron 1501. I thought this may have had something to do with the ACPI power settings but couldn't find anything tell tale in the BIOS setup. Anyone have any other ideas?

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    Jim Guest

    Re: Screen saver in vista 32 bit home basic on a dell inspiron 1501

    Not reading this through

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