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Thread: How to Stop IIS starting at startup

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    Laurie Guest

    How to Stop IIS starting at startup


    Does anyone know how to stop IIS starting at startup? I used to turn it to
    Manual in Services in XP, but I cant see it in Services in Vista. The IIS
    Control panel just has Start and Stop and I cant find anything about not
    starting it at startup.


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    Synapse Syndrome Guest

    Re: How to Stop IIS starting at startup

    You could use a startup batch script.

    And use the command:

    net stop "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

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    Mike Brannigan Guest

    Re: How to Stop IIS starting at startup

    You can access Services via running MMC (Start ... Run ... MMC) then
    Add/Remove snap-ins and add the Services snap in.

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    Synapse Syndrome Guest
    As I am not using Vista right now (I really can't be bothered with it these
    days - I'll give it another once SP1 comes out, although it is still pretty
    disappointing), I cannot check what the best way to run a startup batch
    script is, but all you need to do is figure out how to do that, and then use
    the command

    here are 2 examples of batch scripts that I have made to control services

    to start 2 services

    @echo off

    net start wuauserv
    net start Alerter

    ---to stop them---

    @echo off

    net stop wuauserv
    net stop Alerter

    where I have the names of the services you can enter your own...
    write this in a notpad, and change the extension to BAT

    Try this: Control Panel, Programs and Features, Turn Windows features
    on or off. Uncheck the box for Internet Information Services.

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    Laurie Guest
    Thanks but that just uninstalls it doesn't it? When I want to start it next
    time I would have to install it again wouldn't I? Wouldn't there be an
    easier way to keep it installed but just not start?

    What is the point of this post? It's not only redundant, it's irrelevant

    you need to take those meds for your synapse syndrom idiot

    LOL I did not expect such an ironic reply. Calm down, and answer the
    question. Is there any substance behind all that noise?

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    Synapse Syndrome Guest

    Re: How to Stop IIS starting at startup

    What is it that you do not want starting? Just websites?

    They would only be started if you had started them in the IIS manager
    anyway. So if you had disabled them there, they will not be running next
    time you startup.

    If you want to make sure that non of the websites are running on startup,
    and before login, what is wrong with the solution I posted? If you give me
    some feedback, I can see if there is a better way. Does this command not

    net stop "World Wide Web Publishing Service"

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    On the Bridge! Guest
    Is there any substance behind all that noise?

    Not much.. but another poster also mentioned this so I just thought to give
    an example

    hey it was you...

    so what is the problem?

    Dont you like other people posting? You can make a new newsgroup in google
    groups and post alone in there if you want... no one will bother you.

    O yeah ... Use for the root in the browser the ip address 127.0.01
    instead of localhost.
    You will still get the annoying IIS welcome screen ...

    Dear Microsoft ... this is bad programming.

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    infocom Guest

    Re: How to Stop IIS starting at startup

    Well what it is is that I have WAMP server on my machine for Apache/PHP web
    development mostly. So when I go to start WAMP it wont obviously because IIS
    is slready listening on port 80. So I get annoyed in that I have to go into
    the IIS settings to switch it off. I will use IIS occasionally so i dont want
    to keep removing and installing it, and I also dont want to keep switching it
    off when I want WAMP server. So its really annoying! WAMP has a tray icon I
    can just right click to start/stop and I can set it to not run at startup.
    Wheras frmo these posts it seems you cant easily stop IIS from running at

    P.S. Off topic... but I posted/read these responses in Windows Mail. I could
    only see a couple. So I now am on the Microsoft website reading this thread,
    and theres 12 replies. Anyone know why Windows Mail is not showing all these
    posts? (I started to see something wrong when the last reply I can see in
    Mail made no sense!)

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    May 2008
    Laurie (or anyone else for that matter), if you are still following this post, Mike Brannigan's answer works perfectly.

    Add services as a snap in to mmc, from there you can set iis to start manually, start and stop it and so forth.

    On close, save as 'Services' and the next time you want to run it, it will be available in the start menu.

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    djwave28 Guest

    Re: How to Stop IIS starting at startup

    Though some answers are adequate in handling the problem, a solution is
    not the right titel for either of them.

    Click on "My Computer" with teh right mouse button and go to "manage
    Go to "services" and look for "World Wide Web Publishing Service"
    Double click on it and change the service to "manual"

    Now it will not start up with the boot sequence of the computer.
    To gain easy access to the IIS server to activate it, follow these

    Go to the control panel and open "administrative tool"
    You will see the "Internet Information Service"
    Right click on it and send a shortcut to the desktop.
    Place the shortcut in any place you want.

    When you want the IIS running, you click the shortcut and start through
    the "control panel". The same procedure when you want top stop it. You
    will have a smilar functionality as for instance XAMPP.

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    Bucks County PA

    Re: How to Stop IIS starting at startup

    Thank you, DJWAVE for this post. That is the answer.

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