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Thread: How to check my vista version...

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    blu angel Guest

    How to check my vista version...

    Been hanging around for sometime here...

    Now I think I'm needing some little help...

    I'm a newbie on this vista thing.. I should be using XP instead of
    vista but it was there when I bought a new computer... So instead of
    carrying out the grudge, I check for forums to learn more of my new OS,
    and thank God I found one...

    I was amazed to see I got a lot of stuff missing on my new OS..:eek:

    My question if it might not like I'm looking dumb enough?

    How can I check my version of vista? Well I know it's premium but? Is
    it like service pack one or something else? Stuffs like that... And how
    many service packs is out there right now?


    blu angel

    blu angel

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    On the Bridge! Guest

    Re: How to check my vista version...

    press the start button, and then right click on the entry that says COMPUTER
    and select properties,
    that window will show information about your windows version


    in the serch type WINVER and press enter

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    C.B. Guest

    Re: How to check my vista version...

    Click on the Start orb and in the search box above it type "winver"
    without the quotation marks. Hit enter on your keyboard.

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    Charles W Davis Guest

    Re: How to check my vista version...

    If you want a good inventory of your system download, install, and run the
    Belarc Advisor. It's free:

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