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Thread: Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

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    CGDS Guest

    Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

    Can anyone help me? I can only log into Vista through Safe Mode just now.
    Normally once my laptop boots up I click on the username (admin account) and
    type my password. but on that screen there is no user/display pic. It's just
    the blue/green background with the ease of access button at the bottom left
    and the shutdown options on the bottom right. I can't get System Restore to
    work in Safe Mode so I'm really out of answers here, anybody got any clue?

    As I said, can't get the System Restore to work -

    "The disk (C: ) has errors.

    Windows has detected file system corruption on (C: ). You must check the
    disk for errors before it can be restored."

    Although when I click the 'check the disk for errors' it comes back with the

    "Windows cannot check the disk while it is in use. Do you want to check for
    hard disk for errors the next time you start your computer?"

    Which would be pointless because I can't actually log in to Windows normally
    - correct?

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    Mark L. Ferguson Guest

    Re: Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

    You have a corrupt Profile. I would put the default "Administrator" account
    on the welcome screen, and use it to create a new user account.

    Show default Administrator on Welcome screen
    Go to Start/all programs/accessories/run, and type:
    control userpasswords2

    Advanced tab, Advanced button, Users folder, rightclick Administrator,
    Properties, uncheck checkbox for "Account is disabled"
    Restart Windows.

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    DL Guest
    The sys checks for errors before it boots to win

    You don't have to log into Windows to do the chkdsk command. it is a DOS
    command and it will run after the next CMOS screen but before the Windows

    these are two links for CHKDSK:

    they say pretty much the same thing.

    Another option you should consider is to go to your manufacturer's website
    and downloading a hardware diagnostics tool. You may actually have it in the
    package that came with the computer. Use it in safe mode.

    Not quite. When you say "yes" to that prompt, it sets a dirty bit that, on
    boot, causes the system to stop loading normally. Instead it loads
    diagnostic tools to memory, then releases the drive, aka dismount, and runs
    the full error scan and fixes them (known from a command line as chkdsk c:
    /f). Once complete, if the drive is ok, it will reload it and finish booting

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    CGDS Guest

    Re: Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

    I'm running Vista Home basic, therefore after the 'advanced button' step
    there is no users folder. nothing for me to right click end get into the

    "This computer is running Windows Vista Home Basic. This snapin may not be
    used with this version of windows. To manage user accounts for this computer,
    use the User Accounts tool in the Control Panel"

    As far as I'm aware the user accounts tool will not let me get to Enable the
    Windows Administrative account, correct?

    --- And as a sidenote, when I run chkdsk in safe mode with command prompt i
    get a message like

    "Chkdsk cannot continue to read-only on the drive because there is a corrupt

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    milanilic Guest

    Re: Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

    Have you had any luck with this?

    I've got virtually the same symptoms, i.e. can boot only in safe mode
    and with regular boot up can see only the ease of access and shut down

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    San Antonio Tx

    Re: Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

    sorry to Hitchike on this thread but I am just trying ot find out how to post new threads. Newb question I know.

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    Re: Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

    I know this is an old thread, but I'm hoping that someone could explain how this problem was detail that a techno-idiot could understand...I'm having this exact problem with Vista...same messages and all as the poster...

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    Gene E. Bloch Guest

    Re: Can only log into Vista in Safe Mode...

    In my case, all of the old thread is gone, termed out. Expect criticism.

    If you want help you'll need to provide a copy of the original post,
    unless some other people here have hosts with longer retention than my
    host has.

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