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CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

Vista Help

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Old 26-02-2008
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CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

There is a process called CSRSS.exe that consumes no less than 39% of my cpu
bandwidth. When the computer first boots up things are fine but after an
hour or so things get slow and the mouse cursor no longer moves smoothly.
When I open the task manager to see what is causing the problem and
CSRSS.exe is always the culprit.

Killing this process is out of the question as it results in the BSoD. I
looked through Microsoft's support site and I see plenty of issues related
to it going back to Windows 2000, but none of them seem to be applicable to
me. Has any one else experienced this problem? How do I prevent this from

Dell Latitude D830V
Windows Vista Ultimate 64-bit Edition
4 Gigs Ram
160 Gig HD
Intel 2.2GHz T7500
Intel 965 Express Graphic Adapter (shared memory, using 358 Megs)

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Old 26-02-2008
Carey Frisch [MVP]
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Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

What is csrss.exe? Is csrss.exe spyware or a virus?

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Old 27-02-2008
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Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

CSRSS = Client Server Runtime Server System.

Despite it's bad behaviour it is not spyware or a virus. It's an actual
windows component running as a system process. Like I said before there are
plenty of references to it as a problem process on microsoft's site
but none of the solutions seem applicable to me. You will find it in

I understand that it manages graphical functionality in windows.
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Old 27-02-2008
Posts: n/a
Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

sorry, I misunderstood your reply.

I used a tool from System Internals to verify that it was actually an
executable from Microsoft and tried the spyware tool you suggested. The
image is authentic and I've got no spyware on my system (my use of this
system is very restricted so there's not much of an opportunity for spyware
to find its way on here).
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Old 27-02-2008
Sami Laiho
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Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

As your familiar with Sysinternals try using their Process Explorer and
check the properties for CSRSS.exe. There you can find the threads tab which
shows what threads in that process are most active. If you can find some
thread name you can try to Google it.

Process Explorer works better if you have the Debugging Tools installed from
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Old 05-03-2008
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Re: CSRSS.exe(CDD.DLL) consuming CPU bandwidth

Per some one's suggestion I used System Internals Process Explorer to see
what was loaded into the process space for CSRSS.EXE. Of the CPU bandwith
being consumed by CSRSS.EXE it looks that 95% of it is being consumed by
what is identified as "cdd.dll+0x3c38" (where 0x3c38 is a start address).
Turns out that CDD stands for "Canonical Display Driver" from Microsoft.
I found some old slides on longhorn that shows where CDD lives in the
display model and it is sandwhiched between some other Microsoft components
(I had speculated for a while that the problem may be tied to the Intel
Express Graphic Adapter but now I am less confident in that).

Does any one have any ideas on what is causing my problem all

Longhorn Display Driver Model (Page 8)
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Old 16-03-2008
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Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

Well it looks that no one else has a solution or is familiar with my

I thought I would share this in case some one else encounter's the problem.
The problem is made worst by certain graphics operations. I'm still trying
to isolate exactly which ones. However, I did notice that the CSRSS
bandwidth usage shoots up when ever the cursor is moving. This can be
either the text cursor moving from typing or the mouse cursor moving . When
the cursor is not moving then CSRSS bandwidth is around 20%. When I am
typing or moving the mouse cursor the consumed bandwidth goes up to 39%. I
previously had mouse trails turned on. I turned them off and saw a slight
improvement in cpu bandwidth consumption.

This may be nothing new given the current law suit related to computers with
Intel express video adapters and vista, but if I change my theme from
Windows Classic to Vista Basic then the computer will get stuck in an
endless cycle of BSoD shortly after logging in (that may be related, not
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Old 12-12-2008
Join Date: Dec 2008
Posts: 4
Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

Did anyone find a solution to this problem?
I suspect that i have the same problem on my newly build system.

RAM: 2x 2gb Kingston DDR800 Dual Channel
CPU: AMD Athlon X2 5000+
GPU: EAH3850 X2 1GB

This is unlikely to be a malware problem, i first noticed this problem just after installing Vista Ultimate x64, i then reinstalled to see if it would help, but it didn't.

I have even tried to install the latest Logitech drivers, both for my G15 keyboard and my G5 mouse.

I can also report that using a "Microsoft Notebook Optical Mouse 3000" lowers the cpu usage to around 25% instead of the 40-70% spikes.

I have also tried to enable trails on my mouse pointer, and for some wired reason this seams to lower the CPU usage to around 15%-20%. But obviously i dont want trails on my pointer.

Edit: The problem only occurs when ever i move the mouse. I'll do some more testing later.

Last edited by BlueBoden : 12-12-2008 at 08:26 PM.
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Old 21-12-2008
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Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

I seem to have a very similar problem to you. Sometimes (seems to
happen most wehn the system is under a greater load, ie gaming) my mouse
will start to have trouble moving, and then anytime I move the mouse the
CPU spikes.

OS: Vista Ultimate x64
CPU: Q6600 (Quad Core)
GPU: nVidia 8800 512mb GTS
Mouse: Logitech G7

I can see that my CPU spikes to somewhere between 70% and 100%. The
entire system them sorta hangs for about 3-5 seconds and I can't do
anything. Then the system is fine again. If I try to move the mouse it
moves for a second and then the CPU spikes and it hangs again.

I can't seem to tie the CPU spike to any specific process. Maybe
because the process that is spikings stop spiking by the time the hang
is done, I don't know.

If you find anything else about this reply here please!
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Old 17-08-2010
Join Date: Aug 2010
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Re: CSRSS.exe consuming CPU bandwidth

For further information
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