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Thread: Missing Group Policy Object Editor

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    Tiger Tails Guest

    Missing Group Policy Object Editor


    I'm having trouble finding the Group Policy Object Editor on my
    computer, which uses Windows Vista Home Premium 2006. However, I read
    another thread labelled "Missing group policy editor" which was posted
    in December, 2007, and someone from that stated that there were
    alternative methods to achieve certain goals.

    I'm trying to install Symantec Anti-virus on my computer, but in order
    to install it, I need to have "elevated administrator privileges". The
    "readme" document directs me to the Group Policy Object Editor, but
    since I can't find it, I'm unable to install the program. Would anyone
    have any ideas on how to overcome this problem??

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    Malke Guest

    Re: Missing Group Policy Object Editor

    Just like the Home version of XP, the Group Policy Editor (gpedit.msc) is
    not available in Vista Home Basic/Premium. You don't need to mess around
    with Group Policy to elevate anyway, but I really question why your version
    of Symantec AV is asking for elevation. I don't recommend Norton software
    anyway, but current versions should not require anything except probably
    that you accept the UAC prompt. If you are trying to install an earlier
    version of Symantec/Norton that was for XP, stop right now.

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    R. C. White Guest

    Re: Missing Group Policy Object Editor

    Vista does not allow just any user to install an application; only THE
    Administrator can do that, This is a part of User Access Control (UAC),
    which protects us from a lot of potential harm - but at the price of having
    to follow more rules. Just like putting a lock on our front door: then we
    have to use a key to get in, where we could just turn the knob before.

    There are several ways to get "elevated administrator privileges". To get
    that on an ad hoc basis, right-click on Setup.exe or whatever program
    install your application, then choose Run as Administrator from the context
    menu. You will need Administrator credentials to get past this point, of

    Another way is to open an Administrator:Command Prompt window; every command
    or application run from this window "runs elevated". So, naturally, you'll
    need Administrator credentials to open this window. Click Start | All
    Programs | Accessories, then right-click Command Prompt and choose Run as
    Administrator - and furnish the password. (If you use this elevated CP
    window often - as I do - then you can put a shortcut on your Desktop or into
    the Start menu or even into Quick Launch.)

    I notice that your post says:
    > Posted via

    You might not realize that simply relays your posts - and any
    responses - back and forth from the Microsoft public news server. This can
    result in messages that are delayed, out of sequence or simply lost. You
    can "cut out the middleman" by going directly to the MS server. Just click

    That one click will start your default newsreader (OE/WM/WLM); create a News
    Account on the MS public news server, which is free an does not require a
    logon (and has no ads); subscribe you to this .vista.general newsgroup;
    download the 300 newest messages; and display the newest post. Later, you
    can click Tools | Options and customize the news reader in many ways to suit

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    Tiger Tails Guest

    Re: Missing Group Policy Object Editor

    Hi Malke,

    Thanks for your response!! The program is labelled
    Symantec_AntiVirus_10.2_Client_32bit_WinVista_EN, if that helps at all,
    and is supposed to be compatible with Windows Vista. I received it from
    my university, so I'm hoping it's trustworthy, and the specific note
    which appears when I try to install it without elevation is:

    "This version of Symantec AntiVirus requires elevated privileges in
    order to install. Please log in as an administrator, or contact your
    network administrator for help."

    Would you still recommend that I just avoid installing it??

    Tiger Tails
    Posted via

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    Tiger Tails Guest

    Re: Missing Group Policy Object Editor

    R.C. White... Thank you!!! I really really appreciate your help - I ran
    it as an administrator, as you directed, and it works perfectly now!!

    I'm fairly computer illiterate (obviously), and I'm not using Microsoft
    Outlook now, but as soon as I set up the profile thing it asks for,
    it'll be useful!! Thank you so much for the tip, and for your help and
    explanations. =)
    Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Tiger Tails
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    Malke Guest

    Re: Missing Group Policy Object Editor

    OK, that is the corporate version of Symantec AV. Personally, I don't like
    it but your University IT Dept. may require it. If they do, simply
    right-click on that file and choose "Run as administrator". You'll be asked
    for the Administrator password (you probably didn't set one) or to OK
    through a couple of UAC prompt screens. Then the program will install.

    If you can use a different AV and this is a laptop (which will move around),
    then I'd suggest installing something like NOD32 or even Avast (free). The
    corporate version is the client part of Symantec's software and it will
    check with the server part of the Symantec software - living on one of the
    University's server computers - to get updated virus definitions. This is
    fine if your computer is always on the University network, but if it isn't
    then it won't be staying completely updated when it is away from the
    University server.

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    Tiger Tails Guest

    Re: Missing Group Policy Object Editor

    Hi Malke,

    Thanks so much for your advice - I'll be sure to take a look at the
    antivirus software you recommended. It sounds great, and I'd much rather
    ensure that my computer is protected properly!! Thank you again!!

    Tiger Tails
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