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Thread: lost all desktop icons

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    Jetsonjock Guest

    lost all desktop icons

    I have windows Vista Home-premium. Recently in my wife's user profile she
    lost all of her desktop icons/shortcuts....they all dissapeared. If I try to
    regenerate a new desktop shortcut it tells me that it already exist on the
    desktop....however I cannot see them.

    Any ideas as to how to tackle this? thanks

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    Carey Frisch [MVP] Guest

    Re: lost all desktop icons

    System Restore: frequently asked questions:


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    Synapse Syndrome Guest

    Re: lost all desktop icons

    Heh. So System Restore restores user files does it? From your own link:

    What files are changed during a system restore?
    System Restore affects Windows system files, programs, and registry
    settings. It can also make changes to scripts, batch files, and other types
    of executable files on your computer.
    NoteSystem Restore does not affect personal files, such as e-mail,
    documents, or photos, so it cannot help you restore a deleted file. If you
    have backups of your files, you can restore the files from a backup

    In any case, it's irrelevant, as the OP just needs to right click the
    Desktop and Show Desktop Icons.


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    Synapse Syndrome Guest

    Re: lost all desktop icons

    Just right click the Desktop and select Show Desktop Icons (or similar).


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    On the Bridge Guest

    Re: lost all desktop icons

    MVPs are not that bright...In fact most of them are stupid. This is a very
    good example of mistakes that
    not even a novice would make. Using system restore to show icons on a
    desktop.. lol
    Whats next, using a thermonuclear device to crack an egg open?
    Feeding him his own post (that he blindly copy pasted from the MS site) was
    a nice touch...

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    John Barnes Guest

    Re: lost all desktop icons

    Has been the solution since Windows ME.

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    Synapse Syndrome Guest

    Re: lost all desktop icons

    I wouldn't say that really. There are MVPs that know an awful lot, for
    somebody that has the time to bother posting on usenet.


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    Jetsonjock Guest

    Re: lost all desktop icons

    Hey thanks for the info. right after I posted my problem I took sometime and
    within a few minutes figured it out myself. I guess I should have done that
    first before posting. And yes, I know that system restore would have been too
    drastic....give me a break :)
    Thanks again

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