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Thread: Window update error WindowsUpdate_80080005 WindowsUpdate_dt000

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    chen Guest

    Window update error WindowsUpdate_80080005 WindowsUpdate_dt000


    I just activated my WIndow about a mounth. I always got prompt with message
    "WIndows Modules INstaller stopped working and was closed" when I connect to
    internet. I tried to check for WIndow update but I got error code
    WindowsUpdate_80080005 WindowsUpdate_dt000. Can anyone has solution for it?


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    Mark L. Ferguson Guest
    Method 2 here will probably fix that.
    You cannot install some updates or programs: Go to:;en-us;822798

    You are having some problem with validation. Probably you security settings
    or firewall.
    If you are sure your copy of Windows is valid, then you should examine any
    firewall or security your system uses. Here is a related article.
    You receive an error code and the copy of Microsoft Windows is not validated
    when you try to use Windows Genuine Advantage to validate your copy of

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    Jamie Carper Guest

    Re: Window update error WindowsUpdate_80080005 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Method 2 does not apply for me. The service is already on. The problem is
    with the "windows modules installer". So the question I put to you or anyone
    else is how do we address the installer? Why does it "stop working"? I have
    searched the net and cannot find anyone addressing this issue.

    Long ago it used to be you could find answers on these forums. Anymore its
    just shots in the dark. It would be nice if someone knowledgable could
    provide an answer to this situation.

    I would love to know how to acquire and install these updates without the
    Windows Module Installer or Windows Update.

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    Jamie Carper Guest

    Re: Window update error WindowsUpdate_80080005 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    Hi Mark,

    I finally got things working. not sure about the validation theory because I
    had activated my copy of Vista within days. And it was after I activated that
    my updates were failing. It could have been that several updates were
    downloaded and installed before I activated Vista. Just more shots in the

    Anyway I resolved my situation taking the following steps:

    1. The first thing i had to do was delete all the software distribution
    components. I had to do this because everytime I attempted to do something
    that required a reboot, the update would try to kick in on shutdown and foul
    things up.

    2. I then restored my system to the earliest point I had available. This
    brought me to the point of creating a new account. I had to create something
    bogus to get past that point.

    3. Once I logged on under my previous profile, I verified that no updates
    were installed and I immediately turned OFF the autoupdate to prevent update
    from fouling things up yet again.

    4. I then manually went to Windows Update and downloaded all priority updates.

    5. THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART. I monitored the entire process including the
    install. After about 19 out of 52 updates were installed I got a much
    friendlier message with similar wording "windows modules installer stopped
    working". At this point I took down the name of the update that was currently
    installing "KB938979".

    6. I had to repeat step 1 again to ensure that KB938979 would not attempt to
    install when I continued the Windows Update.

    7. After doing so I went back to Windows Update again but this time I
    removed KB938979 from the downloads.

    8. All the remaining updates installed just fine. I evem went back and
    installed Microsoft Update and installed any remaining updates and drivers
    EXCEPT for KB938979.

    9. Unfortunately I will have to do my updates manually from now on because
    the KB938979 updates insists on being included each time.

    I hope this helps some other frustrated folks trying desperately to get
    Vista to work. I dont know and dont care what is in the bum update but I
    believe it was the source of all my grief.

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    Re: Window update error WindowsUpdate_80080005 WindowsUpdate_dt000

    I have been having the same problem! I would always get the message that the modules stopped working, the updates don't update at all. My computer crashed due to it, then when we erased everything and started over we have had problems with the modules stopped working and updates. To date I haven't been able to download a single update. I have been beating my head against the desk for weeks trying to figure it out.
    I am going to try to do what you suggested and see how that works! I"m keeping my fingers crossed! Thank you so much for posting this!!

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