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Thread: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mode

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    UltimateZero Guest

    Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mode

    Is changing your resolution, as well as other display settings, possible
    through safe mode, in Vista?

    Long story short, my monitor died a few hours ago. Being the resourceful
    person I try to be, I went and hooked up my computer to the television, so
    that I could finish what I was doing. While Safe Mode is activated and
    running at 800x600x32, my television can display it just fine. However, when
    I launch Vista in normal mode, I'm assuming it's displaying at a resolution
    that my television can't display, 1600x1200x32. Sure, it shows pretty colors
    across the screen, but not in any readable fashion.

    So I'm curious, as stated above, if I can change NORMAL MODE's resolution
    somehow through an option in Safe Mode? I can't do much in Safe Mode, and
    certainly not what I need to finish.

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    On the Bridge Guest

    Re: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mode

    Start the computer in VGA mode, there is an option above the one that says
    safe mode...

    that way everything will work ok, only that you will have a low resolution
    that you can adjust though as you like

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    UltimateZero Guest

    Re: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mod

    I don't seem to see this "VGA mode" option anywhere above the Safe Mode
    option. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place? I see:

    Safe Mode
    Safe Mode with Networking
    Safe Mode with Command Prompt
    Normal Mode

    This is on the DOS screen.

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    Malke Guest

    Re: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mod

    I don't have the Vista machine on right now to check for sure, but the
    option is in msconfig in XP, so see if it is the same in Vista:

    Start Orb>Search box>type: msconfig
    Click on msconfig when it appears above. On the Boot.ini tab under Boot
    Options, check "/BASEVIDEO" and OK. Reboot.

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    UltimateZero Guest

    Re: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mod

    Well thank you, that gets the screen to come up! But now I've noticed a
    little oddity. In Safe Mode, it runs at 800x600x32 with no problems. However,
    when I attempt to run NormalMode/BaseVideo at 800x600x32, it gives me the
    same no-display screen that I was getting before. Went back to Safe Mode, and
    it's running 800x600x32 no problem still. I figure that's more of a video
    problem, but any ideas on that?

    Also, for some strange reason, Safe mode displays the resolution correctly,
    whereas Normal Mode seems to place the Start Menu and the very top of the
    screen outside where the TV displays. That seems a bit strange to me, seeing
    as, like I said, Safe Mode displays it correctly. I swear, this is going to
    drive me insane :P

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    UltimateZero Guest

    Re: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mod

    Replying to myself here really quick...

    Apparently when I went into the nVidia Control Panel, an messed with the
    Output Settings, I apparently managed to increase my resolution by changing
    the output from 430i, or something like that. It's now at 1080p... XD It's
    funny, I didn't even know my TV supported that. Of course, now I can't see
    any text on the screen, so I turned on the Magnifier, and I'm going to try
    using the increased text size from the Ease of Use options, to see if that
    fixes anything.

    Thank you very much for your help! And, being curious, I'd still love to
    hear any bright ideas about why Safe Mode displays 800x600x32, but Normal
    Mode doesn't :P

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    Victor Guest
    Hello I dont know what you are looking at but vista certainly DOES have a
    low res (VGA) boot option
    when you press f8 and its below the SAFE MODE option

    see this screenshot for proof!

    I'm sorry but I know nothing about sending video to a TV. Hopefully someone
    else will come along.

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    Darrell Gorter[MSFT] Guest

    Re: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mod

    Probably a little late on the reply, but I just saw this.
    In Safe Mode you load the vga driver
    In the basevideo mode you load the installed Video driver only at the lower
    resolutions and lower sync rates.
    So the difference is in which video driver you are loading and whether that
    video driver is properly handling that resolution.
    In your case the installed Video Driver is not handling that resolution
    where-as the VGA driver is.

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    Join Date
    Oct 2010

    Re: Changing Display Settings (Resolution mainly) through Safe Mode

    I have a problem similar to this, but I have a normal gateway 15x10" screen gateway monitor and it keeps saying "Frequency out of range" when I try to run it in normal. I tried Base video.

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