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Adobe Reader 8.1.2 Update = Fail

Vista Help

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Old 15-02-2008
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Adobe Reader 8.1.2 Update = Fail

I'm running Vista Ultimate & tried upgrading from 8.0 to 8.1.2 and got the
following message:

"Installation could not continue because the downloaded file cannot be moved
to a secure folder location
prior to validation and installation. Please make sure the secure folder
location has enough free disk space and has sufficient access rights for

Does anyone know the fix or does Adobe need to comply!

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Old 15-02-2008
On the Bridge
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uninstall adobe acrobat, and go to www.adobe.com and download-install it

version 8.0 had vista compatibility problems that were fixed later on

Try running the install file as administrator. (right click on the install
file and select "Run as administrator")
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Old 15-02-2008
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Do yourself a favor, uninstall Adobe Reader, download and install Foxit
Reader instead.

It's a nice program, much smaller and far less intrusive on your system.

yeah but it's not a free reader.

Sure it is, you didn't read enough or perhaps missed it.

I click on the wrong link, the bundle or something like
that, that was the one that wasn't free
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Old 15-02-2008
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Re: Adobe Reader 8.1.2 Update = Fail

the best way is to have both, Foxit cannot render all languages correctly..
and it is in fact slower on some very complex PDF files...

also adobe gives windows explorer thumbnail previews along with the "preview
handler" right sidebar on Windows explorer

It also integrates with Outlook for previews... Adobe reader can also read
with text to speech.

I have both, Adobe is the default for all the functions above, but when Im
in a hurry I right click> and open with foxit

Foxit is indeed smaller, but its not as feature rich....

the best is to have the best of both worlds.. like I do it
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Old 13-09-2008
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I am unable to unistal Adobe reader 8.1.1 from my system. I have installed Adobe Reader 9.0 in my system

Thank u I am able to unistal by installing Microsoft Installer Cleanup utilty pack. This was a long pendig issue. Thanks for the quick response and solution.
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Old 14-09-2008
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Re: Adobe Reader 8.1.2 Update = Fail

Manually remove Adobe Reader (8.x on Windows)

Description of the Windows Installer CleanUp Utility
Scroll down and download the Windows Installer Cleanup Utility Package.

In XP go to Start, then Search and look for MSICuu2.exe. When the icon
shows up, run the program. After its done, you will get a list of files.
Click on Adobe and it will remove it.

Alternatively you can try:
Brute Force Uninstaller
Revo Uninstaller
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Old 03-06-2009
can not open adobe reader
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when i turn on my computer i always get a message that abobe reader can not
be open. i a computer novice. help

The current version of Adobe Reader is 9.1.1

I would suggest that you uninstall whatever version you are running and
download the latest version.

Corrupt files ? - try Foxitsoftware ; does same thing but quicker .
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Old 03-06-2009
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Re: Adobe Reader 8.1.2 Update = Fail

I would uninstall Adobe Reader 8 in Control Panel>Programs and Features, and
then download and install Adobe Reader 9.1 (without the optional Free Google
Toolbar) from here:

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