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    aaquique Guest


    I create some Flash Projectors for my SWF Projects. I create EXE Files from
    my Macromedia Flash software. When I tryed to delete it from my computer that
    is Using Window Vista, I get the DESTINATION FOLDER ACCESS DENIED and cannot
    delete the file. I deactivated the UAC and I got sure that I have all
    privilegies to delete, modify, etc (FULL CONTROL) of the file and STILL
    cannot delete the file. I create a lot of EXE files from Flash and I´m
    getting crazy that I cannot control my own files. It seems like VISTA is
    contolling us becasuse nobody can help me to correct this thing.

    Has someone find a solution for this, it seems it is happening a lot with
    other issues but now I found it happens with EXE files.

    I hope someone can answer me

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    Mr. Arnold Guest


    You most likely have a permissions issue on the folder with another account
    that doesn't have the permissions that your Admin account has. I use the
    Authenticated User Group on all folders replacing the Everyone Group
    account. The Everyone group account has been deleted. The Everyone and
    Authenticated user groups can supersede all other accounts on the folder,
    even Admin, with their permissions.

    I run into this problem on the Document folder when I download documents
    where the Authenticated Group account has lost full permissions and is
    read-only, which prevents me from writing or deleting files in the folder as
    Admin with full-rights.

    So, you should check for some other account like Everyone or maybe some
    others on the folder that can supersede your rights as Admin on the folder.

    I have had this happen to me a couple of times on a couple of folders where
    another account superseded my rights as Admin on a folder, and I had to
    correct the situation.

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