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Thread: How to Sign On as Administrator?

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    PHPBABY3 Guest

    How to Sign On as Administrator?

    I am trying to modify a text file in c:\Program Files\EasyPHP
    2.0b1\www using Notepad. It says "Can't create file." However, I can
    create and refile it using Start - Computer (Windows Explorer) by
    cutting and pasting the file. It says, "You'll need to provide
    administrator permission to copy to this folder." and I click
    CONTINUE, then it asks, "User Account Control: Windows needs your
    permission to continue." and again I click CONTINUE.

    How do I sign on as administrator?


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    Malke Guest

    Re: How to Sign On as Administrator?

    The built-in Administrator account is disabled by default in Vista.
    Instead, you can accomplish what you want by running Notepad elevated.
    Start>Search box>type: Notepad. When Notepad appears above, right-click
    it and choose "Run as Administrator". Then open the file from within
    that elevated Notepad, make your changes, and you should be able to
    save. The Program Files directory is protected in Vista.

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    Charlie42 Guest

    Re: How to Sign On as Administrator?

    If you just click "Continue" at the consent prompt, ie. do not have to enter
    an admin password, you are already logged into an admin account. You can
    check your account type in:

    Control Panel > User Accounts and Family Safety > User Accounts

    Run Notepad, or any other program, as administrator by right-clicking it's
    shortcut, and select "Run as administrator" from the context menu.


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    Re: How to Sign On as Administrator?

    You just need a reset CD, with which, you can empty all your password without log on.As far as I know, windows password unlocker is capable of reset windows password by creating a reset CD, After you have downloaded Widows password unlocker, it contains a .ISO file, you need to burn the .ISO file onto a blank CD. Well, with this CD, you can reset your password. Besides, this CD is multiple used.

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