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Thread: How to create a recovery disk?

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    Clue Less Guest

    How to create a recovery disk?

    My new PC came with Windows Vista Home Premium preloaded - but without any
    media at all, not even recovery disks in the event of a crash.

    Does Vista have a way for me to create some kind of recovery disk, so that I
    can re-load Windows in the event of a hard drive crash, which requires me to
    either format the drive or replace it completely?

    What is the best way to achieve this?

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    Val Guest

    Re: How to create a recovery disk?

    Check with your manufacturer - most major brands put the recovery data on a
    partition of your hard drive, and provide a means to make a CD/DVD set from

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    dev@null.invalid Guest

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    Chris Game Guest

    Re: How to create a recovery disk?

    Maybe there is a recovery partition on the hard disk? Not much help
    if the HD fails of course. OEM Vista Home Premium install disks are
    fairly cheap though, and that avoids the rubbish most suppliers load
    their systems with (Dell is one of the worst!)

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    Oop North, Uk

    Re: How to create a recovery disk?

    This is for an HP PC; the process for your PC is probably similar. Check
    your user guide.

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