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Thread: Forgot Log-In Password in Windows Vista

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    BabbieRay Guest

    Forgot Log-In Password in Windows Vista

    I haven't used my laptop for a while, and I forgot my login password. I can
    only recall the first half of it. Anyway, can you tell me how I can get into
    my laptop.

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    Brink Guest
    This will show you how to reset the password so you can gain access
    again. You will probably have to use METHOD THREE.

    I had to take it apart and take out the small battery, then out it back in a
    i got right into my computer wit no password problem...then I promptly turned
    off the password option!!

    you can check this link

    there's an article there how to reset windows vista password without purchasing anysoftware.

    Other option: OSRi - Operating System Reinstallation

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    Re: Forgot Log-In Password in Windows Vista

    Reset /crack/hack/recovery windows password/admin password/ vista password with windows password unlocker

    1. Log onto a computer that can link to the Internet. Download Windows Password Unlocker 4.0 from and decompress it on that PC. Note that: there is a .ISO file. Burn the .ISO file to a CD.
    2.Get out the newly created CD and insert it to the locked computer.
    3.Re-boot the locked computer and then follow the process of instructions. Just after a few steps, the old password will be removed.
    4.Set new password:
    Step 1: Open the "Control Panel
    Step 2: Click the "User Account
    Step 3: Select the account you wanna set a new password.
    Step 4: Click "Changing Account " and "Set Up Password", then fill out the form as listed. Click "Create Password".

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    linky1124 Guest
    no need to worry about this.
    I forgot my password before and my friend recommended a recovery tool
    to me.
    and it is also the cheapest one then it worked,
    'Windows Password | Windows Password Reset | Windows Password Recovery'

    You can free download Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0 to reset your forgot windows password.
    Here is the downlink.

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    John Aldrich Guest
    My preference is to use the NT Password Reset Disk from

    It's an ISO you download, burn to a CD and then boot off of. It's
    actually a live Linux CD that has the capability of editing the
    password file. When Vista first came out, it didn't work too well with
    Vista, but the more recent versions of that live CD have worked quite
    well on the few Vista machines I've had to fix due to a forgotten

    Forgot windows password?Do not be so anxious. I know a tool which can help you bypass windows admin password, need not to reinstall the windows OS, its safely and easily.By using "Windows Password Recovery 6.0" ,could be helpful.

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    Re: Forgot Log-In Password in Windows Vista

    There is a way to reset windows password without erasing anything.
    Follow the instructions:
    1.Free download the "Reset Windows Password 1.3 boot CD".
    2.Burn it to a disk to create the boot disk, that's simple.
    3.Configure your pc or laptop to boot in the cd drive,
    4.Insert the CD, reboot from CD drive, and then just follow the process of instruction. A few steps later, Windows login password would be cleared
    Took about 5 minutes for the whole process.

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    Re: Forgot Log-In Password in Windows Vista

    I usually use the Windows Password Reset Kit 1.5 to reset Windows password, It worked great for me, with no reinstall and no data loss.

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