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Thread: Can't view Flash full screen

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    Can't view Flash full screen

    I am using this HP dv2550se laptop windows vista Ultimate laptop since past six months and i never had any problem with the same. But now whenever i try to play any Flash content from any website like Youtube it use to work work fine in Full Screen until now. But now since yesterday when i try to make it full screen, i get just a black screen with sound. Again when i make it to small window, i see the video properly.

    It is just not the problem with Internet Explorer but also with Opera, Safari and Firefox. Same result on all browsers. I am not sure but to me it appears like the problem is with both the Active-X and the stand-alone version of the Flash plug-in.

    Somebody please help.

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    Re: Can't view Flash full screen

    Just try out the following two things. First, uninstall Flash Player. Restart the laptop and then re-install the latest version of Flash Player.

    Secondly. open any Video on Youtube, mouse hover anywhere on the video and right click. Select settings and uncheck enable hardware acceleration.

    Thats it. Now see if it is working fine or still giving black screen.

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