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Thread: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

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    Jorge131 Guest

    Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    Has anybody found any problem with this package in Windows Vista?

    Thanks for your comments

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    davey_griffo Guest

    RE: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    Yeah. I just installed Elements 6, & it won't run. No explanations/error
    messages, nothing happens.

    Oddly, when I looked in task manager, it doesn't appear as an application,
    but does appear in processes. You can open it as many times as you like, &
    each time it has a different size.

    I've tried running it as administrator, with the tick in the box, on a
    minimal system (disabled allsorts in msconfig), & even enabled the hidden
    administrator account, but it still did the same.

    The only time anything else happened, was when I ran it in safe mode, & got
    this error message:

    Licensing for this product has stopped working.
    You cannot use it at this time. You must repair by uninstalling &
    re-installing, or contacting your IT admin or Adobe customer support.

    Still waiting for a reply from Adobe, but from what I've seen in other
    forums, they're not much help.

    I've also seen reviews on Amazon's web site, from other usrs who've had it
    running. Some without problem, others have to re-install a lot. It doesn't
    seem terribly stable on Vista...another reason to go back to XP??!?

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    vanilla Guest
    I had a problem installing both when I downloaded the trial versions from
    the Adobe website. A few months later, I saw the retail package and bought
    it. Installed both on a Vista machine and they run fine. Sorry to hear you
    are having trouble but I can verify that the retail packages do install and
    run on Vista.

    I had PSE 5/PE 3 running on my Vista Ultimate laptop. Downloaded and
    installed PSE 6/PE 4 trial it ran also. Then ordered upgrade after
    uninstalling previous versions and installed from Disc and runs good also. I
    have had no installation problems at all.

    I had serious issues with Premier Elements 3 (it would crash Vista as
    soon as I started it). This was acknowledged on many forums and Adobe
    said x64 was not supported. Did they come out with a patch I didn't
    hear about? Can I upgrade to PE4 and actually use it now? Or are you
    using it on the x32 version?

    Sorry, didn't mean to post this twice, but something bombed when I tried 1st
    time, & IE told me it'd not been sent, so I re-sent it. Software, eh, who'd
    be a geek ?? :-)

    I have been looking for a work-around for this problem and Adobe was of
    no help. How you ever found this solution is just amazing. I followed
    your directions "davey" and it worked perfectly. I have Vista Ultimate
    64 with SP 1 and I thought I just lost a lot of money after bying these
    programs. Again, thanks so much!

    Glad to be of help. Thanks for your kind words.

    In answer to your quastion, after 8 hours on-line, spread over 2 days. It
    was a headache I thought I could help others to avoid.

    vista 64 - after many hours and calling technical support at adobe I was
    informed that Photoshop Elements 6 will not work on Vista 64. He said
    according to the manual in front of him, it works on vista 32 but not
    vista 64. Sorry there is nothing we can do to help. Maybe someone other
    than us has figured out a solution.

    The only way I can get it to Run on Vista is by turning OFF the Wireless
    Broadcast switch on my HP dv9800 which is just 18 months old and then it
    works great. Also have it on the network with a Dell XP(5yrs old) and
    it works without shutting the Wireless off.

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    davey_griffo Guest

    Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    I have an answer.
    Judging by the forums I visited, there are a lot of Vista users having
    trouble with Elements 6.0, which does say on the box, it runs under Vista. I
    suppose you only find out how many people have a problem when you have one
    yourself, & go looking for an answer.

    It's a long one, but I'll try to condense it as short as possible. It also
    seems unlikely, but it worked for me.

    Install as per the instructions: I took out as many running programs as I
    could, even going into task manager & disabling any unnecessary processes. I
    don't know if this mattered in the end, but I tried it anyway.

    My advice here would be, if you don't know what it does, look it up or leave
    it alone.

    Restart your PC. Although when mine installed it didn't ask me to,
    apparently a good install is supposed to, so I did it for good measure.

    Right click the icon, & in the compatability tab, click "run this program as
    administrator". It's a known issue, apparently, that Elements won't run under
    Vista unless you are and admin type user, & you set it to run as admin. It
    does say this in the readme.

    Next, go to adobe's website, & into "downlaods ---> update"

    As you won't find the file you're looking for there, do a search for:

    Adobe Acrobat 8 licensing service update (Windows Vista
    only) (it should be 486KB)

    Unzip it, it doesn't matter where, but make sure you can find it :-)

    Inside you'll find a file "InstAS.exe".

    This may or may not work. The only way to know for sure is to run it in a
    CMD box. If you get error messages it didn't work, & you'll need to do this:

    Copy the "FNP_Act_Installer.dll" file into the parent directory, the one
    these files are in, & create a new folder called "Licensing-Service Patch"
    (no quotes) in the same folder. Copy the dll into this too.

    When you run the "InstAS.exe" again (I'd run it from CMD just to be sure it
    did something), it should complete.

    I was told to expect it to "say something about anchoring and sit there for
    3 to 4 minutes, then it will close", but this never happened to me, it ran &
    instantly completed.

    Now a reboot (again I'm not sure this was necessary, but I did it anyway) &
    Elements should work.

    DO NOT REMOVE THE RUN AS ADMIN CHECK. I did, & it didn't work. I put it back
    & it was ok.

    Hope this works for you Jorge.

    If you have any trouble finding the Acrobat patch, mail me, & I'll send you
    a copy.

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    davey_griffo Guest

    Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    Actually, I didn't quote it, I replied to my own message, then forgot to
    delete the orginal before sending...Pillock!! :-)

    Anyway, the help I got, that I sent before, I'm sure said this fix works for
    both PSE 6.0 & PE 4.0.

    There are known issues, as you said, with 64 bit Windows, & I think I saw it
    somewhere that it's not actually supported, so if you got it working, well
    done you!!

    If not, give my solution a try. Maybe it'll work.

    Personally, & run 32 bit Vista, & that causes enough headaches, without
    going for 64 bit, which I had been led to believe, was unstable & a nightmare
    to get drivers for.

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    Dcat Guest

    Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    Gents -- with my new Vista x64 machine I'm narrowing my choices down
    for video and photo editing software. I'm partial to Adobe Photoshop
    Elements (v.4 on old XP machine) and have dabbled with Premiere Elements
    v.2 a few years ago on the same XP box. So I'm really wanting for the
    Adobe Package of Premiere 4.0 and PE 6.0 to work reliably on this new

    1. With the Davey's fix, do you both feel they are stable and run well
    (albeit in 32-bit mode)?

    2. Are you happy with the Premiere 4.0 (more subjective question, I
    know)? I want to occasionally create/edit 30-45+ minute videos, so
    stability and function are paramount.

    Any other comments from your experience will be much appreciated. Any
    other info resources about product on Vista will also be welcomed.
    Sure hope Adobe & others will release true x64 versions in near future.

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    Dec 2008

    Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    I had the same problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 1521 with Photoshop elements 6 installed on it. Up until a day ago it was running just fine. But this morning when I tried to open elements I got the message "Licensing for this product . . . "

    So I called adobe tech support and spoke with this great tech guy. He walked me through the fix. My elements is running fine once again. Here is what he had me do:

    Open by clicking on Start - Computer - C Drive -Program Files - Common Files - Adobe - Adobe PCD - cache

    Right click on cache and copy

    open desktop and right click on desktop and click on paste.

    Cache will appear on desktop and disappear from Adobe PCD folder.

    Start adobe photoshop elements and you will get the registration screen. Enter your serial number and then the program opens and your are back in business!

    My computer is a Dell Inspiron 1521 running Vista Home Premium 32bit.

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    Oct 2009

    Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    Maybe I'm just to tired, or I need my husband to do this.

    I got a copy of Elements 6 in a scanner I bought so I know that its not a 'legality' issue.

    however, I have installed the patch (I think), I have been running as administrator and it still doesn't work....

    I have had really bad luck getting any Photoshop product to work on my laptop HP 64 Bit Vista Machine.

    Anyone have any idea what i'm doing wrong?

    i don't get any kind of error message, it just doesn't open (but the picture downloader works perfectly).

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    Re: Adobe Photoshop Elements 6 & Adobe Premiere Elements 4

    Thanks for your help.

    InstAS.exe in Adobe Acrobat 8 licencing service update (Windows Vista only) 486KB seemed to fix Photoshop not opening in Vista but these are the steps I had to go through before I got it to work:

    1) Ran InstAS.exe in CMD window and it showed 'anchor service' and took about 3 to 4 minutes but got error 'Alm error code: 0x91 (145)' (Photoshop wouldn't open)
    2) Stopped process FNPLicensingservice in Task Manager>Processes>Show processes from all users (as per
    3) Ran InstAS.exe from Explorer and it showed 'anchor service' and took about 3 to 4 minutes and didn't give error (Photoshop wouldn't open)
    4) Uninstalled Adobe Reader 9
    5) Unisntalled Photoshop Elements 6
    6) Installed Photoshop Elements 6 (Photoshop wouldn't open)
    7) Installed Adobe Reader 8 that came with Photoshop (Photoshop wouldn't open)
    8) Installed Adobe Reader 8 updates from Help>Check for Updates... (Photoshop wouldn't open)
    9) Stopped process FNPLicensingservice in Task Manager>Processes>Show processes from all users
    10) Ran InstAS.exe from Explorer and it ran really quickly

    Photoshop now started and I could enter product code and open the application.

    I now get a Vista error when I shutdown Photoshop but I think the application is working.

    Not sure yet if it will work when Adobe Reader 9 is installed.

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