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Thread: SOny DCR HC30 Camcorder not recognized in vista

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    SOny DCR HC30 Camcorder not recognized in vista

    I am not able to download Sony DCR HC30 tape video into Sony VAIO laptop as the windows vista does not recognize the camcorder through firewire or USB. I tried through movie maker, picture motion browser, adobe premier etc. Can someone help as I have lot of tapes to be downloaded.


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    Re: SOny DCR HC30 Camcorder not recognized in vista

    When you connect the cam using the firewire cable do you get the ping and
    found new hardware balloon?
    If not I suspect a poor or faulty connection, check this page out and
    beg/steal/borrow three working items - that you've seen working and test
    your components

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    Thanks for the help and the article is wonderful. I tried all the options discussed in the article. The device manager is not showing any problems and the driver is updated. But still the camcorder is not recognized. I am not getting the ping when I connect the device through firewire. Is there any special thing for vista to be looked into as the article deals with XP.

    I baught Sony Vaio only for the reason of easily connecting to sony products. Anyway, please help me to solve the issue once again


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    Please help me as the issue remains unsolved. Looking forwrad for a good guidance


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    ilink cable?

    Perhaps you need an iLink cable? I just purchased a 4 to 6 pin (and 4 to 4 pin for my laptop) on ebay for about $3 each from China (includes shipping).

    (Even from Sony... Importing/Exporting movies from/to a tape by connecting the camcorder to the computer via i.LINKŪ cable.)

    Also, here are Sony's drivers for the camera

    maybe this usb driver works, or just for memory card downloads

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