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Thread: Windows Vista Print Spooler (under Services tab) "Failed to read D

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    Ryno Guest

    Windows Vista Print Spooler (under Services tab) "Failed to read D

    HELP! I am have issues with my Sony Vaio with Windows Vista. I have done a
    lot of research and read other post regarding printing issues and I can not
    find a resolution for my problem. Under the Services tab (the location to
    "restart" the Spooler), I have went to restart the spooler and I receive the
    error code, "Failed to read Description. Error Code 2.). When double clicked
    it doesn't allow me to restart or set recovery, it has a pop up that says
    "The system can not find the file specified". So basically, I have no way of
    "starting" the spooler. I am dead in the water, trying to install an HP7410
    All in one. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


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    Alan Morris [MSFT] Guest

    Re: Windows Vista Print Spooler (under Services tab) "Failed to read D

    what print drivers are installed. You'll need to get that information from
    the registry.

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    Ryno Guest

    Re: Windows Vista Print Spooler (under Services tab) "Failed to re

    Thank you for your response Alan, I went to the link provided and cleaned out
    the version 3 subkey (a few drivers relating to Adobe were in there I
    believe, that was about it), leaving the subkey intact as mentioned in link.
    While using the command prompt, I am not able to start the spooler. There
    has never been a printer installed on this machine. Under the services tab,
    the spooler will not respond to anything, <Failed to read Description.
    Error2> just like that if you click on it, it says The system cannot find the
    file specified. If I try net start spooler in the command prompt window, it
    says system error 5 has occurred. I know I am in over my head here but none
    of this makes sense...Vista is "driving" me crazy. Any more help would be
    greatly appreciated....thanks!

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    Alan Morris [MSFT] Guest

    Re: Windows Vista Print Spooler (under Services tab) "Failed to re

    The Command Prompt needs to be Run as administrator

    Right click on Command Prompt.

    Are there any print processors installed

    NT x86\Print Processors

    the files should be located under


    if the files are there then this is not the issue.

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