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Thread: Some services do not start anymore

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    Vava Guest

    Some services do not start anymore


    I hope that someone can maybe help me with my problem.

    The following services do not start anymore:
    Base Filtering Engine
    DHCP Client
    Diagnostic Policy Service
    Diagnostic Service Host
    IKE and AuthIP IP..
    IPsec Policy Agent
    Network List Service
    Network Location Awarness
    Windows Firewall
    Windows Media Center Service..
    Windows Time

    An error message appear, if I try to start a service manually. For example:
    Windows Firewall: Error 1068: The dependecy service or group failed to start.

    I think that this problem appeared after an Windows update, but I am not
    100% sure.

    I've already tried the solution of the Microsoft article 943996 "Some
    services do not start in Windows Vista".

    Thanks in advance,


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    Mark Thompson Guest

    Re: Some services do not start anymore

    Get a Mac.

    Why you people STILL put up with Windows is absurd!

    Life is too short to waste anymore time with Windows.


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    jim Guest

    Re: Some services do not start anymore

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    Vava Guest

    RE: Some services do not start anymore

    Is there nobody who can help me or who has a similar problem?

    Thanks, Vava

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    AlexB Guest

    Re: Some services do not start anymore

    I would suggest that you go to MS site and download Microsoft Baseline
    Security Analyzer v2.1 Beta 2 (for IT Professionals)

    This one is for Vista.

    Run it and you may well find an answer.

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    Vava Guest

    Re: Some services do not start anymore

    Thanks for your help,

    unfortunately, I can not install the program: This setup cannot be installed
    on x64 platform..

    Kind regards,


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    Paul Abbit Guest

    Re: Some services do not start anymore

    I have got a simular problem,
    error 5 (related to user rights) and also for lots of services like you.

    First noticed it because I didn't have network acces anymore.
    (DHCP client service doesn't start)

    I looked arround for solutions , but no real one founds
    I finally got an administrator account running (real one)
    but no real solution so far.

    (not a 64b version, just a vista premium home on a laptop)
    (got it 3 weeks, of which 1.5 weeks in this sick state.)

    well thats why I bought it, learning vista :)

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    Keeper Guest

    Re: Some services do not start anymore

    I too am having the same issues. Could it be an update or something who
    knows. But I'm still dealing with the issue after 3 days and loads of
    headaches later. The solution offered here would be great except 1 small
    detail. I CAN'T CONNECT TO THE INTERNET just a small minor detail but well
    there it is. My configeruration is Vista Ultimate SP 1. I can't do an in
    place upgrade due to the Service Pack install. And I can't get any of the
    services to come on. Yes, been on the phone with Microsoft already today
    trying to fix this issue and I'm going crazy. It's not my PC it's got enough
    to run this stuff. I just want my internet back up and running. All I can say
    is thank goodness I have other PC's that I can come online I just can't play
    and listen to my music and stuff since it's all on the VIsta Ultimate PC and
    I do not have a network connection showing at all although it shows the
    internet connection in the netwrok connection place. Says it's working too.
    NOT though. Please anyone respond with some real solutions not the get a Mac
    bull from earlier.

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    Mark Guest

    Re: Some services do not start anymore

    Why don't you uninstall SP1 and then do the upgrade?

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