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Thread: Documents folder icon restore?

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    G.Freeman Guest

    Documents folder icon restore?

    So one day after a hard day at school (finals. omfg I am going to hate math
    forever.) i decided to go and play Team Fortress 2 to relax. When my computer
    booted up lo and behold! my "Documents" folder's icon went awol. Instead of
    the blue transparent folder with a bunch of papers in it, the standard folder
    icon (the empty opaque yellow folder) stood in its place. How do I get the
    original icon back? Customization of the Documents folder gives no choices
    for changing the icon. What do I do? It's a great eyesore.

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    Brink Guest

    Re: Documents folder icon restore?

    Hi G.Freeman,

    This tutorial will show you how to change the yellow Documents folder
    back to the blue green folder.


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    Keith Miller \(MVP\) Guest

    Re: Documents folder icon restore?

    Open a command prompt window (type 'command' in the Start Search box)

    type the following:

    attrib +r documents

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    I have prepared a print screen guide to restore the popular folder icons back at

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