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Thread: Start button not working - FIXED

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    LSR Guest

    Start button not working - FIXED

    Home Premium with SP1 beta.
    Like quite a few people I had the Broken Start Button problem - it happened
    after the PC lost power. Click the Start orb and nothing happens. It's fine
    if you switch it to classic mode but does nothing in normal Vista mode.

    CHKDSK and SFC (as suggested in an old post) didn't help so I was resigned
    to living with classic mode as I couldn't be bothered run an upgrade/repair
    then have to reactivate by phone.

    But then I looked in the SFC log and noticed two files couldn't be
    repaired - msshsq.dll and HotStartUserAgent.dll. I replaced them with
    copies from a working system (had to boot from the DVD as they are "in-use")
    and the Start Button now works again. Not sure which one is to blame ...

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    Re: Start button not working - FIXED

    we have the same problem you experienced with the start button and the same two files cannot be fixed when we ran sfc/ scannow....but how exactly do we replace these files - can you provide explicit instructions for us?

    we have the original re-installation Vista diskette...I'd like to be able to walk my son through the steps he needs to do this.

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    H. Roth Guest

    Re: Start button not working - FIXED

    You're asking this of a person who has not been seen in these groups

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