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Thread: sync windows mail to Blackberry

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    Paul Dennis Guest

    sync windows mail to Blackberry

    Can anyone tell me how I can sync my blackberry to windows mail (Vista). The
    blackberry desktop software doesn't seem to support windows mail. Thx Paul

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    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] Guest

    Re: sync windows mail to Blackberry

    Then use a supported Mail Client software supported by the Blackberry, such
    as Microsoft Outlook or Lotus Notes.

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    Paul Dennis Guest

    Re: sync windows mail to Blackberry

    Thx Andre, can I install Outlook in my Vista environment or do I have to
    install XP? If I can use outlook with vista how do I load outlook?

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    R. C. White Guest

    Re: sync windows mail to Blackberry

    Hi, Paul.

    I know nothing of Blackberry or any other PDA, but...

    Outlook is a part of Microsoft Office, but it also can be purchased and
    installed separately, either from Microsoft or from just about any computer
    store in the world - or even Wal*Mart. And it will install on any version
    of Windows from at least the past decade, including Vista, although some
    versions (Outlook 97, for example) might need special treatment.

    But Outlook 2007 will easily install in Vista.

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    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] Guest

    Re: sync windows mail to Blackberry

    No need for Windows XP at all, just purchase a copy of Microsoft Outlook if
    you don't own one already and install on Windows Vista and then install any
    software that came with your Blackberry device and you should be able to
    sync just fine.

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    InfoQueenReg Guest

    RE: sync windows mail to Blackberry

    I just purchased BB 8310 from AT*T a few days ago and having the same
    problem. The AT*T Tech stated Blackberry still has a few VISTA issues and
    this is one of them. They have a Beta 4.2 Blackberry software update that may
    be released when that process is completed to address some of these Vista
    issues. Microsoft updated version of Express in Vista is called Windows
    Calendar/Mail. Thus BB software will not recognize that with the 4.2 version
    they have now. It works with Outlook Express, but why would you want to buy
    Outlook Express when you have it with your Vista in the newer format?
    Personal Decision, but sharing with what I learned today. So I have to wait a
    little while longer. Most Blackberry users are with businesses who are still
    with Windoes XP and that is why there are no great solutions yet to our
    problems. ;-)

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