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Thread: Network Wireless Printer - offline status on reboot

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    Mike P Guest

    Network Wireless Printer - offline status on reboot

    I have a network wireless printer installed on Vista. Once the printer is
    installed as a Network Wireless Printer it works fine. However, when I
    reboot the machine, the status of the Network Wireless is – Offline.

    It works fine on my XP machines. And works fine when first installed on
    Vista, or if I reinstall it. However, when I reboot, Vista cannot find the
    wireless print server; therefore the printer status is Off-line.

    Is there a configuration somewhere that I am missing to allow for this? Any

    Also, the printer tcp/ip is and I have told the firewall
    (Norton) that it is a trusted port?

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Mike P.

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    Jeff D Guest

    RE: Network Wireless Printer - offline status on reboot

    I have the exact same problem with a Brother MFC-665CW.

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    Mike P Guest

    RE: Network Wireless Printer - offline status on reboot

    I just fixed the problem. I had to download the print driver from Dell (I
    have a dell printer) for Vista. Installing from the "new" driver and not the
    one that came with the printer (even though I just bought the printer last
    month) worked. The wireless print server was fine.

    The process that I did -
    remove printer and driver from computer
    remove wireless printer server software from computer
    download current Vista print driver from manufacture
    install wireless printer software
    install print driver via the download - not the CD

    Everything now works. I contacted Dell support and they took me through the
    process. Hopefully you'll have the same luck with the Brother MFC-665CW.

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