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Thread: Time Executable has stopped working

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    likealion Guest

    Time Executable has stopped working

    A Microsoft Windows screen keeps popping up that reads as follows: "Time
    Executable has stopped working. A problem caused the program to stop working
    correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is
    available." This screen appears to pop up on startup and also at random times
    during the course of my Microsoft Vista Home Premium operating system use.

    I have yet to hear from Microsoft Windows of any apparent solution to this
    screen notification problem, but it is tiresome to keep getting this screen
    popping up repeatedly with no apparent resolution forthcoming even after
    reporting this problem notification to Microsoft more than once.

    Has anyone else encountered this problem and know how to resolve it to
    eliminate both the basic system problem that may be present and the constant
    "Time Executable has stopped working" notifications that keep popping up?

    Thanks for the help.

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    do a ms config:1:type run search box in vista....
    2:in run box type ms config
    3:disable all start up items except the wireless and antivitus programs
    4:restart system

    if this do not work reinstall the printer drivers freshly cos it is caused mainly due printer software

    was this post helpful...pls lemme know....

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    kevpan815 Guest
    Oops. What Am I Saying? This Is For Help With Vista Issues, Not My Mental
    Issues. Just FYI.

    Did You Know That I Say Just FYI All The Time? Just FYI. This Is Because
    Messages Are Just For Your Information And My Poor Mentally Retarted Brain
    Doesn't Know That So I Have To Say Just FYI.

    Should be " haven`t " ?

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    Re: Time Executable has stopped working

    The only solution I found to fix the problem was to uninstall the printer.

    I reinstall the printer and as of to-date I have receive the error message.

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    Re: Time Executable has stopped working

    yes Haven't

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