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Thread: Vista to XP lan games problem: THE SOLUTION

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    Vista to XP lan games problem: THE SOLUTION

    The Vista to XP Lan Games connection problems Solution!!

    After trying to play several different lan games with my Vista equipped machine and not being able to join I finally found the way to make it work!! OH JOY! SO many forums browsed in vain. Finally I found it. For all of you, the problem was ipV6.

    To fix that problem you need to disable ipv6:

    1- Open the Network and Sharing Center in the Control Panel on the Vista equipped machine

    2- Click on the little blue letters "View Status" next to your LAN connection (my wireless connection for me)

    3- Then click on the Properties button (not wireless properties or anything else, just properties)

    4- Click continue on the little annoying pop-up vista window if any

    5- Now look for the field under "this connection uses the following items" there with Client for Microsoft Networks/QoS Packet Scheduler etc. You should find many of those with little checkboxes next to them.

    6- Now i'm not very sure if it's only ipV6 that you need to disable, so to make sure, do steps 1-5 with you XP equipped machine to check what they have in that field, and keep the checkboxes checked for only those items. Uncheck everything else. I uncheked Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) , and the two Link-Layer ones.

    7- Try again to join your lan game it should work fine ( it did for me and our Dungeon Siege 2 Lan Party!)

    Hail! to the Grand Superlapin that saves us all!!!!

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    Does Not work with "Dawn of War" & "Age of Empires III"

    I tried your advice and unticked all the options except the estential IPV4 TCP/IP, Microsoft Client and QoS protocols.

    Still even with these unselected and the firewalls turned off on both the XP and Vista Machines I was unable to connect a Lan game for Age of Empires II and Dawn of War.

    I did get Age of Empires II to work by plugging in a RS232 serial crossover cable in between the two machines serial ports and using the serial game option.

    I have also had to change my router hardware to a single unit from having a wireless router connected to a VoIP router then to the gateway router. This worked perfectly with XP, Win 2k and Linux boxes on my network. But the Vista Box on standard settings would not connect to the Internet, unless I plugged it directly into the gateway router.

    To get over the problem I to turned off IPV6 and the Web pages started to work. But the POP protocol did not and I could not download email. So I purchased a all-in-one VoIP/Wireless/DSL router and it worked.
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    Re: Vista to XP lan games problem: THE SOLUTION

    after many hours also facing this problem I also too could not get LAN gaming to work - I eventually fixed by a simple upgrade to the firmware on my US Robotics DSL router, more snooping around regarding this problem reveals it may also exist with older linksys DSL routers......

    the problem I believe (guessing here) is the older firmware may block high value port numbers or is simply unable to support them.

    my symptoms were typical of many other emails reporting this problem - WAN access was fine, pinging between machines works all firewalls/ virus things switched off.

    Anyway hope this helps others.

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    Re: Vista to XP lan games problem: THE SOLUTION

    Hello, if you have more than one network card (counting virtual interfaces too) on XP, try disabling all of them, and then turn on only this one with actual LAN cable attached to it.

    In my case I had problem with Age of mythology and Anno 1404 Venice. Game server was visible on Vista, but Vista game server was not visible on XP (firewall turned off). I was reading many instructions to turn on communication between those systems - and nothing. Finnaly I came up with this disabling network cards and bingo. Game servers on Vista suddenly worked. This has to do with multicast. Personally I think that newest network card kidnaps all multicast communication, so other cards do not even know about any multicast traffic.

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