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Thread: Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver

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    Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver

    Audio is not working on my system. I had checked in Device Manager. There is a yellow mark over Microsoft WPD File system. First I had updated the driver by right clicking on the same. But that did not worked. I had already faced a issue with the DVD RW driver. But that worked somehow. From where I can find the right drivers. Even Windows Update is not able to locate anything related to that. I am using Windows Vista Ultimate. Thanks.

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    Re: Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver

    I am too having a similar issue. At start my CD/DVD drive stopped working. I thought the issue lies with some software. But installed a different burner and that too is not working. In Device Manager I can see a exclamation market next to WPD File System Volume Driver. I do not understand why this happens, but I hope there would be a way to deal with that. To fix the issue I had un-installed the hardware by right clicking over the same. On restart I can see new hardware detected message on the scree. I thought Vista will install the same automatically either by internal driver directory or by location appropriate updates. But nothing worked out there.

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    The driver that you are talking about is not related to audio. The driver manages Windows Portable Devices. I think there is some other issue in your system. You can try using System Restore first to get a easy fix. If that does not work then there are more alternative that you can go for. Somehow the drivers are not compatible with Vista which causes the issue. To find the driver mention here what is your motherboard. If you are not aware about the same then install CPUZ in your system. This will tell you about the hardware information. Then find the chipset drivers and install them.

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    I had formatted my computer. I installed everything. The DVD is working, the video is working, but there is no sound. Inside Device Manager I have the same thing listed with yellow mark. So I am not able to understand that how it cannot be associated with the audio driver. The issue appear back again when I was trying to connect my webcam. It is also not at all detecting the same. I had downloaded some updated software but they did not worked. The chipset drivers work. I had checked my motherboard modem which is of Gigabyte. I found the drivers on official website. After installing that I can here sound from my system.

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    System: I'm currently running Vista Home Premium 32 bit with a HP a6130n desktop computer.
    Issue: WPD FileSystem Volume driver software. Properties status shows "This device cannot start. (Code 10)"
    symptoms: install WPD FileSystem Volume driver software after every login

    The issue is the same although i noticed one of the card readers were missing under computer folder. Instructions are as follows:

    1. Right click computer under the start tab and select manage
    2. Click on the Device manager tab. You will see the ! in "WPD FileSystem Volume driver software."
    3. Click on Disk drives and disable each one until the WPD FileSystem disappears.
    4. Reinable all the drives then right click the problem drive and select properties.
    5. Click on the volumes tab then select "populate" then note down what Disk number the populate assigned it.
    6. Go back to the Computer Management window. On the left side is a folder called Disk Management(under the Storage folder). Select Disk Management.
    7. At the bottom is a list of disks. Right click the disk number you populated for the problem drive and select "Change drive letter and paths.."
    8. Assign the drive letter and go back to the Device Manager.
    9. problem gone.

    I tried this but a letter was already assigned to DISK2 (H:) the disk it populated. I tried reassigning it to J: from H: but I still have the yellow "!", Didn't help. :-/

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    Re: Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver

    Thanks, Bonefx! Your solution worked for me except I would add the need to highlight My Computer in Device Manager and select "Scan for Hardware Changes" before my problem was actually gone. As it turns out, my issue was with a SD Flash card I was using as a Ready Boost drive on my Dell Inspiron 9400. Assigning a drive letter was what was needed.

    Thanks again... Dan

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    Re: Microsoft WPD FileSystem Volume Driver

    Worked for me too! Tks Bonefx.

    Just to clarify, i presumed that this erros was caused by a conflict in drive letters.

    In right click "my computer" / "manage" / "disk management" I found a drive without a letter, right clicked it, assingned a letter and after remove the problem device of my device manager, it become back to life!


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