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Thread: Camera Assistant Software

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    Jonah Guest

    Camera Assistant Software

    That program won't open and I can't use the webcam. Anyone know how to turn
    it off and on?

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    Mike Hall - MVP Guest
    Make and model would be useful and a check at the manufacturers website for updates that might enable
    better compatibility under Vista.

    I am have the EXACT same problem - i just got my laptop toshiba satillita for
    christmas - i dunno much about computers - but when i click on camera
    assistant software, nothing happens.....did they forget to put it in my

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    professional100 Guest

    Re: Camera Assistant Software

    try reinstalling the software...go to control panle, and choose the
    application, then click on change/modify/repair. It will ask you what do
    you want to do. Choose repair...and it will reinstall the application.
    See if it helps.

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