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Thread: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

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    Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    After upgrading to Windows Vista, I cannot connect to server in my office. I had Windows Server 2003 login details. Before on Windows XP it was working fine. But after upgrade when I tried to connect I am getting a error that The system can not access the Credential Manger Server. I had tired check a number of settings but nothing worked out. I had also tried to remove my system for network and then hook the same back on. But still the message is intact. Sometime I also receive a error saying that the server is not responding well. What should I do to fix this. It does not look there is a way to get back on Windows XP.

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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    As you said that your old OS Windows XP was able to connect to Windows Server, after upgrade your ample of settings are lost. Credential Manager is a service which is by default set on Manual mode. You have to either start that or set on Automatic mode, so that the next time when you try to connect it will be loaded automatically. Click on Start > and in the Run box type services.msc. Hit enter. In the services window look for Credential Manager. Right click on that and then click on Start. Set the mode to Enable or Automatic. Then reboot your system and try back to connect.

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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    To some extent that can be responsible. But as you said you had upgraded Vista, then it looks your computer has no access to Windows Server. When you connect your system, Windows Server generates a Network ID. You can try back to modify the workgroup and make a fresh connection again. You will find those settings by right clicking on My Computer > Properties. Make the setup as it was a new pc which is connecting first time to server. Do changes from scratch.

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    I just purchased HP Compaq 6510b (VISTA Business OEM). After using it for two weeks, I could not suddenly login to Windows 2003 Domain (Could not Access Credential Manager). If I start in "safe mode with Network Support", I can login with network account. It seems to me that it's some HP Service like fingerprint software or whatever. I am investigating about.


    "The Server is not responding properly. Verify that Credential Manager Server is properly installed on the target server"

    Ok this error is a software error which i found out the hard way. You need to open HP ProtectTools Security manager Then through there disable your Bio Finger scan cause all it does it cause a load of drama's when dealing with windows Vista and server 03. I am fixing a HP Compaq 6710b laptop and it worked for me gl to you all.

    restart your system with safemode login with your domain account and restore on previous state.

    then try to change credential manager server servies in your server 2003 (which i din't try)

    or first thing while opening in safe mode take backup of your imp data

    worked like a champ!!! thank you, thank you, thank you.

    oh, and my 2510p thanks you too, because it was about to meet it's maker.

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    I have the same problem.

    I'm a network admin for a poor underfunded school. The children would love to use their computers oh yes, but SOME $#@^#@^#@&#@%$$#@ @#%!@^$#@^!#@^#@^$#@^$@$#^ VISTA $#@^$@^@ and some $#@^@##^@$#$#@$#@^$#@ HP BRILLIANT MINDS GOT TOGETHER.

    The merging of the HP 6515b and Vista is the most horrific combination ever conceived. I should slay these computers on a sacred altar while covering myself in Holy Water. THIS MODLE SHOULD BE NAMED THE "666." WHAT A PILE.

    Ok- now that my blood pressure is returning to normal let's get to my problem.

    I too cannot log in on any account unless I go into safe mode. Then I decide to disable the credentials manager - > specifically the fingerprint reader as 23587250723032 kids have used the thing and the HP engineer probably didn't expect that to happen when he programmed that "feature" into this fetid product.

    Anyway - I'd love to disable it all, but it keeps giving me errors that "The Security Manager doesn't want to do that right now" or "Can't be contacted." GET THE ****ING THING OUT OF BED GOD DAMMIT IM THE GOD DAMN ****ING ADMIN AND I CANT EVEN LOG IN MY OWN ****ING COMPUTER YOU PIECE OF ****. **** YOU HP AND **** YOUR MOTHER BILL GATES. WE WERE BETTER OFF WITH XP BUT NOW WE CANT EVEN BUY IT BECAUSE YOU IDIOTS WANT TO FORCE US WITH THIS ****.

    **** **** **** **** **** IM GOIN TO GO PISS ON THIS COMPUTER


    PS: **** YOU

    I figured it out finally. After I laid waste to my surroundings I collected myself. Leveraging my bloated cranium and tired arms I sat back down at the computer.


    Login as a local administrator in SAFE MODE
    Go to services and DISABLE everything that starts with HP

    Reboot the system. Hit f10 while it's starting and disable the security settings (the second colum halfway down). You'll have to configure a password to do it for some reason.

    Anyway, then you should be able to login on the local admin in NON-SAFEMODE.

    then go START- > HP PROTECTTOOL SECURITY MANAGER - >Credential Manager -> SETTINGS and DISABLE CREDENTIAL MANAGER. Just for fun I disabled the multifactor authentication (by enabling password only) under Credential Manager -> MULTIFACTOR AUTHENTICATION.

    Woot! You made it. I hope this saves someone 2 hours.


    -*slightly* enraged_user

    I had to deal with this again, and I found this to be helpful if the previously mentioned solution of device manager uninstall security doesnt help (It didn't in my case because it threw the errors but it wasn't present in device manager). My directions were written for novices so I make you reboot so I'm sure you logged in the correct local account.


    1) reboot or restart the computer if it's already running. While it's starting up hit the F8 Key. This will give you a list to select how to start up. If it doesnt reboot again and hit the F8 key sooner.

    2) Select "Start in safe mode" (the first selection)

    3) When you get to the login screen use the local computer administrator account

    4) Reboot the system again (start -> restart)

    5) Let it boot normally

    6) at the login screen use the same credentials as above

    7) Go to START -> All Programs -> HP Protecttool Security Manager FOR ADMINISTRATORS <=== This is important because there are two, you must select the administrators HP Protecttools.

    8) Click on Credential Manager on the left then go to "Setting"

    9) Under the General tab UNCHECK the "Use credential manager to log onto windows" check box. It is the 5th checkbox

    10) go to start -> Logoff

    11) Select "Logon as another user" and use your normal domain account


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    My Vista system is also not ready to communicate with server. I had gone through number of troubleshooting steps. Some of them were really helpful. I have a hp system with me. The issue normally lies with corruption of TPM Drivers. You can find that on web and fix it. Once it done your system will be able to communicate with the server. If you are still facing the issue I will advice you to contact your vendor. He might have a better fix that can help you to make your system work properly. After upgrade did you tried to update your drivers also. If not then try them. It might help you much.

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    wow - Never hesitate to ruin and erase such a useless beast like any HP product since 8 years before now.

    Anyhow, according to the previous answers. In such horrors like a HP-Vista system, there is a way to log in without safe mode.

    You have to choose the change user, and usually there is a log on to Credenc meneger icon.
    Of course there is a log on with other method. The small text under the picture can be clicked.
    Sure... If you can close some well user-un-friendly designed beauty-awfull foo:keen "swipe your fingerprint..." (I did in mind, becouse there were ladies around...) ....
    so close the balloon tip. There can be a "more" button. Which opens a few options, p.e.: a can-be-set checkbox followed by some sort of "do not login to credential managhell" line. So - hope you can figure out the rest.

    I still looking for a good workaround how to handle this for remote machines. And how to fix this on a laptop where the fingerprint can be useful. (I mean not to delete drivers, etc. or - is there an other way to fingerprint auth?)

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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    Just incase anyone else out there had a similar problem as we did here at the store...

    Basically the same error message here, I tried everything you guys suggested to no avail. booted to safe mode, turned on the vista administrator account, disabled services and startup apps... tried just services first.. same thing when i boot back into windows.

    Tried to click the "Log on with wizard..." option, the button actually didn't work, no window popped up, nothing.

    Uninstalled the drivers for the security device, rebooted.. no luck, DISABLED the device, rebooted no luck!

    So I managed to get it fixed by uninstalling the software package in safe mode. Here's how:

    1.) Boot into safe mode (Duh)(Tap F8 while the machine is starting)
    2.) Start-->Run and Type, or paste, the following:
    REG ADD "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\SafeBoot\Minimal\MSIServer" /VE /T REG_SZ /F /D "Service
    For some reason the forum is putting a space in the word "Minimal" for me.. you don't want that..... take the space out O_o NVM fixed it with code wraps.
    3.) A window should have popped up and went away real quick... now type "CMD" in the run box.
    4.) Type "net start msiserver"
    5.) A message should pop up saying "Windows installer service started successfully"
    6.) You can now uninstall the application using the Program manager/application wizard in control panel! Just find "HP Credentials Manager" I believe it's called... and uninstall it. Mine gave a couple of errors during the uninstall process, but after them it said things like "CMD_ERR_REPORT IGNORED PROCEEDING" and the like.. when all was said and done i rebooted into normal mode and it worked great!
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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    Hi all,
    I ve discovered another solution to bypass the credential manager issue at least with HP laptops. That’s not a permanent solution but it works for me.
    Before switch on your laptop disable all network connection (Wireless, cable).
    Take out the power cable (I don’t know why but if it’s connected the solution does not work)
    Switch on your machine.
    Wait for all start up processes and scripts to run.
    Then log on to your laptop.
    Connect the power cable and enable the network connection (Wireless or cable)
    I know that‘s not a permanent solution but since I don’t want to lose any data of my domain account that’s a solution for me.

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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    I found a quicker way to log in, you will still need to follow the other users posts to disable/remove/fix the problem but I just found a quick way to log in. (at least with my hp laptop) When mine boots up it asks if I want to login with a smart card, fingerprint or other. When I choose other it has a few options below. I choose connection wizard (if that option exists for you), choose the more button and then check the box that states not to use the credential manager to login. Once that is checked, you should be able to login and then follow everyone elses advice and delete that HP crap from your machine. I hope this helps someone, good luck....

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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    It seems like there are probably a large number of causes of this problem, all with the same symptoms. That means different workarounds will work for different people. Here's what worked for me:

    When I tried to log on normally, I got the "The server is not responding properly. Verifiy that Credential Manager server is properly installed on the target server" message.

    Below the password prompt was some clickable text "Log on with wizard...". When I clicked on that, it brought up a different password prompt dialog, which also didn't work for me. But at the bottom of that dialog was a "More options" button, and clicking that exposed a number of checkbox options. One of them was something like "Log in using Credential Manager". When I unchecked that box and entered my password in the alternate prompt dialog, it let me in.

    I had to go through that process every time I logged in. I eventually flattened and rebuilt my system to get rid of it, but it was good to be able to defer that for a more convenient time.

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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    Thank You enraged user!

    I tried the following and it solved my problem to log on to the specific domain my machine was already in.

    Login as Administrator > go to START- > HP PROTECTTOOL SECURITY MANAGER - >Credential Manager > SETTINGS and DISABLE CREDENTIAL MANAGER.

    It did save lot of time.
    Thanks once again!
    Vipin G

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    Re: Vista Can't Log In - Credential Manager Server

    I have some steps that can help you. On the Login screen click on Logon Wizard. Now on that look for option Do not Log On to Credential Manager. Check this option and then clcik on More. There you can find options to setup the Domain Administrator Account. It might also ask you for local pc admin logins. Now go in Control Panel > Uninstall Program and look for HP Protect Tools Security Manager Suite. If there is any remove it. You have to reboot your system a number of time to remove this thing completely. Once done try to login back again.

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