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Thread: Windows Vista Ultimate Laptop Upgrade Product Key Help

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    EdwardJanus Guest

    Windows Vista Ultimate Laptop Upgrade Product Key Help

    To Microsoft and Whom It May Concern,

    I understand your reasons for only One (1) ‚€˜Product Key License‚€™ per
    computer. It‚€™s to prevent Illegal Copping, Unauthorized Use, Agreements,
    Ownership and Piracy etc. But sometimes there are ‚€˜Situations and
    Circumstances‚€™ that are 'NOT' fair. I have a problem and maybe we can work

    Hello, my name is Edward Janus and I am a permanently disabled, amputee,
    homebound and confined to a wheelchair. I am on permanent Social Security
    Disability since 1996. When since my wife was killed in 1999. I receive one
    household income Social Security check monthly and cannot afford extra funds
    to buy more software.

    Here‚€™s my Situation;

    ¬∑ I am ‚€˜Homebound Shut-In‚€™ and ‚€˜I Live Alone‚€™.

    ¬∑ All my ‚€˜Outside Business‚€™ is done through the ‚€˜Internet Online‚€™ such as my
    banking, paying my bill‚€™s, making purchases, filling out business forms and
    documents, writing emails and letters, looking up important information and I
    order groceries right to my front door. This is my ONLY means to outside

    ¬∑ I currently use ‚€˜Windows Vista Ultimate‚€™ (purchased directly from
    Microsoft) on my ‚€˜Main Desktop‚€™ Computer.

    ¬∑ ‚€˜In Case of Emergency‚€™ my Main Desktop breaks down?

    ¬∑ I own a ‚€˜Notebook‚€™ with Windows XP SP-2 installed.

    ¬∑ Until I can get my ‚€˜Desktop Repaired‚€™.

    ¬∑ I need to depend on my ‚€˜Notebook‚€™ as a Independent Backup to still do ‚€˜All
    my Outside Business‚€™.

    Here‚€™s my Problem;

    If you could please help me with. All I would like to do is, Upgrade my
    Notebook with my Windows Vista Ultimate and have it Activated. I would be so
    Grateful for any help with this.

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    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] Guest

    Re: Windows Vista Ultimate Laptop Upgrade Product Key Help

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    Re: Windows Vista Ultimate Laptop Upgrade Product Key Help

    when i purchase laptop it comes with windows vista , but i did not get any cd /dvd of vista.
    1-is it mean that i purchased a vista
    2-if i restoring my laptop to factory configuration after that should i need any cd/dvd of vista to work laptop.

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