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Thread: Where is History folder?

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    lily Guest

    Where is History folder?

    In Window's XP, there is a history folder that records all activities of the
    PC, it is at c:\user\local \local settings\history. Does anyone know where to
    find this folder in Vista?

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    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] Guest

    Re: Where is History folder?

    c:\users\you_username \appdata\local\microsoft\windows\history

    If you don't see it, make sure that Show Hidden files and folders is checked
    (Organize > Search and Folder Options > View

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    Ed. Guest

    Re: Where is History folder?

    With IE 7.0 opened go up to Tools.
    To Internet Options.
    Click the Settings button under Browsing History.
    Under Current Folder it shows you where they are

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    Jim Guest
    followed the path through all that was recommended but there is no
    History folder under Microsoft !!!

    The only other recommendation then is to do it from within Internet Explorer
    > Tools > Options > General (tab) > under 'Browsing History' > Settings

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    Ronnie Vernon MVP Guest
    Click Start and type shell:history In the results click the History
    The actual path to this folder is:

    AppData is a hidden folder, so you will need to make sure that folders are
    not hidden. To do this, open Windows Explorer and click Organize/Folder and
    Search Options. Click the View Tab and select the 'Show hidden files and
    folders' option.

    I found it through the IE7 Tools option....TX for your help !!

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    k4t0 Guest

    Re: Where is History folder?


    Go to---->


    For AppData Folder you should have your hidden folders check box on...
    for that go to Windows Explorer(Computer)----> Organize---->Folders and
    Search Options---->View----> then make sure that the Show hidden Files
    and Folders is active so you can see all the hidden folders.

    Then youŽll be able to see the AppData folder...

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