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Thread: CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Program

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    Deedster Guest

    CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Program

    has stopped working...keeps popping up every time I log on...I don't have a
    clue what's wrong (or what the heck it is for that matter). Error message
    says: A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will
    close the program and notify you if a solution is available.

    Well, guess what? No solution yet! Can anyone help? Thanks

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    dzomlija Guest

    Re: CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Program

    Are you using the Cyberlink PowerCinema that came bundled on CD with
    some piece of hardware?

    If yes, then you'll need to go to 'CyberLink - Leader in Digital Home
    and Next Generation DVD Burning Solutions' (
    and download an update.

    I've passed this thread along to a contact I have with Cyberlink.
    Perhaps she could help.

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    dzomlija Guest

    Re: CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Program

    Deedster;530373 Wrote:
    > THANK YOU !

    Glad to be of service, even though you havn't mentioned whether the
    problem has gone away or not...

    But it wasn't all that hard really, because I recently had a similarly
    related, and Cyberlink support was kind enough to help, even though the
    problem was one that Gigabyte introduced, and not Cyberlink.

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    bde6 Guest

    Re: CyberLink PowerCinema Resident Program

    After reading all the posts on this problem i finally called Dell and
    they were very nice to solve the problem. They are sending me the
    Cyberlink installaion disk which was never installed on my new Dell
    vista laptop!!
    I hope this helps someone else.

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