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Thread: Desktop Background Only Solid Colors

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    pooty Guest

    Desktop Background Only Solid Colors


    I have Windows Vista Basic and all of a sudden one day the desktop
    background would not let me put any wallpaper on it.

    It would only let me choose solid colors....I've searched high and low on
    the internet on how to fix this problem but keep running into dead ends.

    When I go on the internet and select an image as my background it works fine
    until I have to start my computer up again then it reverts back to a solid
    background color. When I go into my pictures on my computer it will not let
    me choose them as a background. It stays on the solid background color.

    I'm really fed up with not being able to select a wallpaper and not having
    it stay on my desktop. I've tried restoring to my last back up point and it
    still does not only stays solid.

    Is there anything that I can download to fix this problem? What may have
    caused this problem?

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    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] Guest

    Re: Desktop Background Only Solid Colors

    Go to Start > All Programs > Accessories and right-click
    on the Command Prompt and choose "Run as administrator".
    Type in: SFC /SCANNOW and press your Enter key.

    This should repair/replace any missing or corrupt files.

    If that does not work, try going to the wallpaper location manually Windows
    > Web > Wallpaper the try applying the wallpaper.

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    Well after taking sometime to try and solve peoples problems with this Random Windows vista Glitch, I have answers but i will not take the credit for making the solution. Please follow this link and Follow the steps.(spread please Thx)

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    txgm Guest

    RE: Desktop Background Only Solid Colors

    had the same problem, went to and did what he said, fixed it.
    pic will load now. hope this helps.

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