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Thread: Vista unzip program association

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    Gina Guest

    Vista unzip program association

    I accidently switched the program used to unzip compressed files on a Vista
    system (to a program that does not unzip files). Now, in order to unzip the
    files, I need to select a program under "Open With." Does anyone know what
    the default program Vista uses to unzip compressed files?

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    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] Guest

    Re: Vista unzip program association

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    Ramesh, MS-MVP Guest

    Re: Vista unzip program association

    Download/apply the .zip file association fix from here:

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    sarahchinsw Guest

    Re: Vista unzip program association

    Gina, my name is sarah. I'm having the same problem as yours. Can please
    let me know how did you fix your problem? SOS help!!!apparantly all my
    compressed zip folders switch to another programme..

    Thanks a million!!

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