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Thread: Windows Explorer has stopped working (AppHangB1 or AppCrash)

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    jane.canaries Guest

    Windows Explorer has stopped working (AppHangB1 or AppCrash)

    My windows explorer stops working constantly - I can't move or delete files,
    which means that my hard drive is now completely full, meaning the computer
    is useless. I have backed up my files, but as I can't delete them I can no
    longer work on it. According to Microsoft, Toshiba is responsible, as they
    sold a 'bundle' of software to Toshiba. Toshiba say the software is
    Microsofts and therefore it is a Microsoft problem. They suggest I delete
    and restore the whole system. But I can't because I have purchased other
    software which I will lose if I do so. Where do I turn next? P.S. Every
    time it says it will find a solution on line, but it never does.

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    Andre Da Costa[ActiveWin] Guest

    Re: Windows Explorer has stopped working (AppHangB1 or AppCrash)

    If you purchased other software, you should at least have it on Installation
    disk or be able to back it up to something, blank disk, external drive and
    then reinstall the OS.

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