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Thread: lost windows vista administrator password

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    lost windows vista administrator password

    please help i have windows vista home edition i set up a administrator account and i lost the password, my comp is worthless now as i cant download any new software and i need it for work!

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    hustedj Guest

    RE: lost windows vista administrator password

    Go to:
    Creat this CD and boot to it, it should tell you what the password is. Its
    works great and it will take a few min to find the password.

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    Re: lost windows vista administrator password

    One free solution is to link your hard drive to another computer. You can change your password by booting from another computer. However this method might cause damage to your system if you did it wrong. A safe solutionis to boot from a bootable CD and then edit the registry windows\\system32\\config for password. I would recommend you to try it. They promise no-hassle refund if you can not get your work done.Check this out

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    yudopajdkla Guest

    Re: lost windows vista administrator password

    I used Windows Password Unlocker to reset Windows Vista password. Windows Password Unlocker is a professional Windows password recovery tool for those who have lost or forgot Windows passwords including Windows Vista password, Windows XP password recovery...

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    doctormrli Guest

    Re: lost windows vista administrator password

    try this one
    login as administrator
    when it ask password on login time click on the password entry field press ctrl+alt+del

    it will give a new login window
    put Administrator as username and hit enter

    if you cannot login as administrator then use Windows Password Recovery Tool 3.0[/U] ,

    its a live cd. download and burn the iso image and boot it from the disk
    and follow the instruction

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