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Thread: Microphone Volume control MISSING in Vista?

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    Peter Oliphant Guest

    Microphone Volume control MISSING in Vista?

    I have Windows Vista Home Premium. Is there any way to adjust the volume
    control of the microphone level manually like there always use to be?

    The speech recognition portion of the Control Panel has a place to setup for
    SR, but it seems pretty useless. If it hears ANYTHING from the microphone,
    it passes! If it happens to notice it was too low a volume, a message that
    comes back that says something like 'the sound was too low, hit 'Back' to
    re-try'... but 'Back' isn't an option, only 'Next' and 'Cancel', and 'Next'
    ALWAYS ays the microphone is ready. So this is definitely a bug, making me
    worry that they forgot about microphone support to a great extent.

    In none of this is there ANY way to adjust the volume of the microphone, and
    it this SR microphone wizard doesn't adjust the volume at all, even if it
    was too low!

    There use to be a separate slider of the 'sound volume mixer' for this, but
    the new one has no slot for 'microphone'. Or else this ability is burried
    somewhere I can't find it...

    I mean, at the very least, there should be a way to MUTE the microphone
    input! Where are the microphone volume controls, or did this somehow slip
    through the cracks (which is hard to believe)...?


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    PaulB Guest

    RE: Microphone Volume control MISSING in Vista?

    Right click on the volume icon in the notification area. Select Recording
    Select Microphone then properties (lower right). Then select the levels tab.

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    Peter Oliphant Guest

    Re: Microphone Volume control MISSING in Vista?

    Hi Paul!

    Thanks for the response!

    Yeah, you would think it would be there. But when I select 'Recording
    Devices' it brings me to the Speech Recognition microphone supposed
    calibration screen (as I described in my other post), with no manual
    microphone control (e.g., slider) in sight!

    And it seems like the microphone volume on my computer is set very low, so
    this is a problem!

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    Cal Bear '66 Guest

    Re: Microphone Volume control MISSING in Vista?

    You are pressing the Configure button (lower left). Press the Properties button
    (lower right) to see the Levels tab in Recording > highlight Microphone.

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    Kirstie Schweikert Guest

    volume control

    I too am having the exact same issue. And I have tried configure as well as properties plus I also have Realtek HD Audio Control Panel. All te volume slider for Line In .. Mic In and for Headset for voice are set to maximum. Also when going thru the speech setup. the computer doesnt hear anything when I read the paragraph.

    However I use 2 voice programs one being ventrilo (Output volume sliders also set to maximum) and MSN voice calls ( same agaoin with volume slider). I have used 2 different headsets with mics as well as the built in mic and speakers on the laptop .. People I speak to advise I am very quiet sound like Im in a tunnel and white noise in the background.

    I never have these problems on my PC with XP with the same headsets. Is this a vista issue or is it a problem with the actual laptops because its very annoying as I use voice quite a lot on my computer.

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    Michelle G Guest

    Help please!

    I have VERY LOW volume when I'm recording. It completely sucks. I went and right clicked on the volume icon in the lower left corner, then clicked on recording devices.

    I got to the screen for levels, and my mic is at 7 - I increased it to 100 and hit ok on each of the little pop up screens it gives. However, when I recorded the level was still low. I went back into the recording devices and clicked on the levels tab again and it refuses to change the 7 to 100 no matter what I do. I tried many times.

    Any advice?

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    Non Sequitur! Guest

    Re: Help please!

    in the settings there is an advanced button to BOOST the level of the mic

    see these pages


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    Mr. Arnold Guest

    Re: Help please!

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    Adjust microphone in playback


    My michrophone is working in recording mode in vista , but cannot hear in playback. there is no option of mic settings in playback device setting in mixer. how to control the volume in playback devices.

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