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Thread: how to remove sd write protection

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    km6s Guest

    how to remove sd write protection

    I think there is something I need to do to my computer to get this to work. I
    have tried a few sd cards in the card reader. The reader recognizes them, but
    won't let me drag and drop photos onto the sd card because it says it's
    write-protected, even after I slide the the lever on the card into the
    correct position. Does anyone know what's going on and how to fix this
    problem? It's driving me crazy. I want to set up digital photo frames, but


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    Paul Randall Guest

    Re: how to remove sd write protection

    Some card slots are a little snug and the slide lever gets pushed to the
    write-protect position (or a little off the write-allow position) as you
    insert the card.

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