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Thread: Clearing recently changed file

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    help me Guest

    Clearing recently changed file

    how is this done without deleting files?

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    Ronnie Vernon MVP Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file

    Clearing what from where? More details would be a great help.


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    Ken Blake, MVP Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file

    Sorry, I don't understand your question. Can you be more explicit,

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    Lang Murphy Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file

    Open file.

    Select all data/text. (Ctrl-A should do that...)

    Delete. (Hit Delete key.)

    Save file.

    File "cleared" without deleting.

    Why one would want to -do- that is beyond me, but there it is.


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    alice Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file

    If I hit the delete key, I only get a prompt asking me if I want to sent the
    files to the recyle bin. How do I 'save files' ?

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    tsonka Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file

    Im gonna bump this post cause I have the same question. How do you clear
    the record of reciently changed documents without deleting the file. I
    was goign to ask this same question. When I do what alice suggested it
    wants to send everything to the recycle bin


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    Yaz Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file

    Hey there,

    I also have a file which i cannot delete permanently. I accepted the file by
    mistake in a transfer in an instant messaging chat. I deleted file from
    "recently changed" and deleted the same file from "recycle bin". Although I
    cannot open the file in "recently changed" as it states it has been deleted.
    The file still remains in the list and the icon shows the picture content
    which is visible.

    How can I delete the file permantently from "recently changed" so it is no
    longer shown in the list and no longer on my laptop. Dell advised me to
    restore my laptop back to factory settings, but surely there is a much
    simpler and quicker way rather than restoring.

    I have already deleted the file from "recent items", but I want permanently
    deleted from "recently changed" so it is not listed".

    Sorry I am not very IT minded so hope the above does not sound too

    Please help......thanks

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    Ronnie Vernon MVP Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file


    Recently Changed isn't a normal folder. It's a saved search.

    When you open it it lists recently changed files. What you're seeing is a
    mirror of the actual files that were found with the search. Anything you do
    to the files in Recently Changed you do to the original file, because each
    icon in Recently Changed is the original file.

    The Recently Changed search folder appears in 2 places. It is a 'link' to
    the actual search folder in the Favorite Links at the top of the navigation
    pane in Windows Explorer and the actual search folder is in
    C:\Users\username\Searches\Recently Changed.

    Although you cannot delete a file in this folder without deleting the
    original file, you can delete the search folder itself without affecting the
    files that are mirrored in that folder. You can also just remove the
    Recently Changed folder in the Favorite Links section by right clicking the
    link and selecting Remove Link, which will not effect the original search
    folder in the users saved searches.

    This folder is created when Vista is installed and is simply intended to
    show some of the capabilities of the search component. Some users do not
    like this folder since it does keep a history of files that have been
    modified on the computer.

    You can re-create this folder by simply configuring another search in the
    advanced search options and then saving the search.

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    hedger Guest

    Re: Clearing recently changed file

    Hi Ronnie,
    Thanks for the info on deleting the 'Recently Changed' folder which I've
    done successfully.
    However I'm not sure how I go about re-creating this folder in the advanced
    search options should I want to do so in the future. Could you give more
    details on how to do this please?
    Thank you.

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