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Thread: Vista wakes itself up from sleep

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    Yosemite Sam Guest

    Vista wakes itself up from sleep

    When I put Vista to sleep, it usually wakes itself up, often after only a
    few minutes. A low-power feature isn't worth anything if it won't stay in
    low-power mode.

    When Vista wakes itself up, powercfg doesn't give any useful info:

    C:\stuff>powercfg -lastwake
    Wake History Count - 1
    Wake History [0]
    Wake Source Count - 0

    The System Log has this entry:

    Event ID: 1
    The system has resumed from sleep.
    Wake Source: Unknown

    and whenever Vista wakes itself up, the Event ID 1 entry is always preceded

    Event ID: 104
    The service is publishing to the network.
    Keywords: Event originating from the fdrespub service
    Source: Resource Publication

    Is there a way to prevent Resource Publication (whatever that is) from
    waking Vista up?


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    John Inzer Guest

    Re: Vista wakes itself up from sleep

    Maybe this article will offer some ideas:

    (927821) A computer that is running Windows
    Vista appears to sleep and then immediately wake

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    brink Guest

    Re: Vista wakes itself up from sleep

    You might try going through this troubleshooting guide to see if will
    help narrow down the cause. Check the Network Device to see if that is
    waking the computer up. (Step 5)

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    Yosemite Sam Guest

    Re: Vista wakes itself up from sleep

    Resource Publication can be turned off using System Configuration (in
    Administrative Tools).

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