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Thread: Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

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    bobbiec48 Guest

    Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

    I'm getting this message all the time now and I'm not sure what to do about
    it. I'm new to Vista and I can't figure out what the Flash Card thing is all
    about. It keeps telling me Windows will close the program & notify me if a
    solution is available. I'm searching for answers.

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    Spirit Guest

    Re: Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

    Flash cards sit at the top of your monitor and add access to function keys
    ( F1-12) and other functions such as brightness, standby, and some are

    Go to Toshiba and download and install ALL the new drivers,
    BIOS, and utilities... there is a bulletin about the camera issue
    there.... My New Toshiba laptop sings after I upgraded all the
    drivers, BIOS, and utilities.

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    Lang Murphy Guest

    Re: Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

    Too funny... I read this thread and thought "Flash Cards?" WTF are they
    talking about? Thumb drives?

    Then it hit me... "Flash Cards" must be a Toshiba utility. I'll admit it's
    been almost ten years since I put finger to Toshiba kybd...

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    madhu Guest

    Re: Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

    Did you resolve this issue?. I am getting same message. i down loaded
    Toshiba Added value package from .com. still not
    working.. could please help me.

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    Nov 2008
    I has the same problem. Try:
    Control Panel - Performance Information and Tools - Adjust visual effects
    "Use visual styles on windows and buttons" function on the very bottom should be enabled to let the flash cards working

    I restart 3 times my PC till now and work fine

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    Aug 2010
    Hope someone can help me. I downloaded a Toshiba flashcards update and a corrupted file has crashed my laptop. I actually opened my laptop, unsoldier my CMOS battery rinstalled it and all back together. What actually happens, is that I turn on my laptop the harddrive light flickers for a few seconds and then nothing, the power is there but nothing happens.

    Thanks for the info. The latop is acting just as it did before I took it apart. The voltage on the battery is fine. What is Toshiba repair??

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    Chuck Guest

    Re: Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

    In the absense of any other info, I'd first measure the battery voltage.
    Then, assuming that it's OK, suspect that the "update" may have
    Nailed BIOS. If so Toshiba repair may be your only choice. It's also
    possible that the laptop did not go back together properly.
    The minature connectors to flex flat "cables" are always suspect for proper

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    Chuck Guest

    Re: Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

    Toshiba Service Center-- Usually, there is a phone number etc in the docs
    that came with the laptop.
    Otherwise you might need to do a google search. If it's an old slow laptop,
    a trade might be an acceptable choice of alternatives.

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    Aug 2010

    Re: Toshiba Flash Card has stopped working ?

    thanks, I will give them a call. The laptop is only 2 years old.
    have a great day,

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