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Thread: "Plugged in not charging"

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    Jon Guest

    "Plugged in not charging"

    We have a new HP laptop and we are getting the message "plugged in not
    charging". After searching the web it seems this is a common problem with
    Vista. I did not find a solution for it though. Does anyone know a solution
    or are there just that many bad batterys since vista was launched?



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    Carey Frisch [MVP] Guest

    Re: "Plugged in not charging"

    Apparently, your HP laptop has a hardware problem.
    Contact HP support for assistance.

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    Jon Guest

    Re: "Plugged in not charging"

    That is my first thought aswell. When I searched it though there were far
    too many people reporting this same issue, unless there is a large ammount
    of DOA batteries on the market right now. I will not have the laptop in
    hand for a few days, but I have to somehow come up with possible fixes for
    it. The battery or electrical system simply could have issues, but if there
    is an alternate possibility that someone has run across; it would be great
    to know.

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    John Guest

    Re: "Plugged in not charging"

    Most (all?) laptops stop charging the battery when it is fully charged.
    They will not begin a recharge until the charge level drops below the
    95% point.

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    Jon Guest

    Re: "Plugged in not charging"

    The battery is not charging as in, if it is not plugged into the wall, it
    will not boot.

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    dennis@home Guest

    Re: "Plugged in not charging"

    Try removing and refitting the battery.
    If the battery is very flat you may have trouble charging it while the
    computer is on.
    Try charging with the computer off for 15 minutes and see what happens.

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