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Thread: Cannot preview images (thumbnails) on Photoshop .psd folders

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    TinCan561 Guest

    Cannot preview images (thumbnails) on Photoshop .psd folders

    I am unable to preview thumbnail images for all Photoshop .psd files in new
    laptop with Windows Vista Business. Most of my files were created in
    Photoshop 7, but this laptop has PS3.

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    Reagan W. Guest

    RE: Cannot preview images (thumbnails) on Photoshop .psd folders

    As far as I can tell, (and a few of us have spent quite some time researching
    this), there is not a fix for 64 bit Vista yet. There is one for 32 bit
    Vista and XP... but it doesn't work on Vista 64. It involves a .dll file and
    a .reg file.

    Is there a programmer out there that could solve this for us? Please,
    please, please!!! I beg you! Every Photoshop user I know is going crazy
    without the thumbnails in Vista.

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    AJ Guest
    I know I'm going insane. And as far as Adobe's "Bridge", I am sorry, but
    that's not cutting it either. Seriously, there's gotta be someone out there
    who can fix this and fix it good. Adobe is being too stubborn, and other apps
    like ACDSee and XNView just aren't cutting it either for various other

    If someone rebuilt this 32bit DLL as 64bit he would get the tanks of
    bazillions of PSD users.

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    karakenio Guest
    OMG Vista s*xs so hard...
    is like a virus!

    I have the same PSD/thumbs issue. Is driving me crazy for sure.
    I just joined for the issue, but I'm sure, I'll look for some help on
    other Vista problems.

    This forum seems good, I hope I can get an answer here soon.

    About Photoshop?

    See anything with the name "Photoshop" here?

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    tims31 Guest
    Give this a try.
    It should hopefully cure the problems of viewing psd files.

    Thanks very much for your responce???? The reason I have written a reply was to try and HELP someboby who was asking for help with a problem they were having. Whether they are still watching this post or not is not the point, it may help someone else who is seaching for help on this subject which is how I came across this forum post in the first place.

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    Jan 2010

    Re: Cannot preview images (thumbnails) on Photoshop .psd folders

    Give what a try, I see no link......

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